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1990's Playboy Magazines | Single Issues | 1990 - 1999 | | Classic for Sale - BlackBerryForums.com

1990's Playboy Magazines | Single Issues | 1990 - 1999 | | Classic For Sale

1990's Playboy Magazines | Single Issues | 1990 - 1999 |  | Classic

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1990's Playboy Magazines | Single Issues | 1990 - 1999 | | Classic:

PlayboyMagazines | 1990- 1999

SingleIssues / Back Issues

Magazinesare in excellent condition

ALLCenterfolds Intact

Eachissue is in clear sleeve / dust cover as pictured

Thislisting is for classic Playboy Magazines from the 1990's

1990| 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999

January| February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September |October | November | December

IndividualIssue Selection via drop down menu at the top of the listing

Allof the pictures are taken by me personally, these are the actualissues listed


-Shipping will be provided via USPS

-Items will be shipped within 2 business days at most (Usually within24 hours)
-Magazines are ALWAYS packed DISCRETELY, in plain packaging, with noindication as to the contents inside.
-Each issue is in a plastic dust cover, and sealed (taped) on theback.
-Each issue gets placed on thick cardboard, wrapped multiple times,and another piece of cardboard is placed on top, and wrapped to thatas well
(Iuse commercial grade wrap, similar to saran wrap, but tougher)
-Every issue gets sandwiched in-betweencardboard, even onmultiple issue orders
-I have been doing this for a long time, and have NEVER had a problemwith damage
-On the back side of the wrapping, I roll the wrappingup, into an easy to pull handle, so un-wrapping is less of a hassle

WhyShould You Buy From Me?

-Check my response, I believe it speaks for itself

-I acquire all of my magazines from private collectors only. (Nopublicly "used" issues)

-I personally inspect each issue as I get them, and any issues thatare in a condition that I wouldn't buy personally are eitherdiscarded, or sold separately at a highly discounted rate.

-EVERY ISSUE has the centerfold intact, as well as most (if notall) of the original marketing / promotional material (subscriptioncards & ad's)

-A lot of issues I get are still sealed when I receive them, however Iopen every single one, to verify contents and condition.

-I do not sell junk, and I don't sell anything that I wouldn't buypersonally.


-Quality is my #1 priority

-That being said, the magazines I sell are not all perfect

-There may be signs of wear, especially on the older issues (Stapledissues pre October 1985)

-There may be wear on the spines & corners, as well as coversbeing loose (rare, but it does happen)

-Even the worst condition issues I sell, are in better shape than mostthat I see being sold

-Keep in mind the age factor here, Issues from the 1980's are close to40 years old

*Ifyou have any questions about the condition of a specific issue,please contact me*

**Ihave no problem taking detailed pictures if needed, and clarifyingquality**

-I understand collectors, and their standards, and I am more thanhappy to work with you


-I am available nearly 24/7, you can send me a message anytime

-My direct contact info is on my store page, as well as on thepackages & invoices that I ship out

*Ifyou are unhappy with your purchase, or have any other issues, pleasecontact me as soon as the issue arises. Usually I can resolve anyissues directly with my customers.*

**IFYOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, Please do not hesitate to contact me.I am here to help in any way I can.**


-GT Surplus

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