Wen Power AVR & 3 Carbon Brush for Pro 2KW 3KW 3.5KW 4KW Round Voltage Regulator For Sale

Wen Power AVR & 3 Carbon Brush for Pro 2KW 3KW 3.5KW 4KW Round Voltage Regulator

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Wen Power AVR & 3 Carbon Brush for Pro 2KW 3KW 3.5KW 4KW Round Voltage Regulator:

This is for a Round AVR Voltage Regulator and 3 Carbon Brushes
This is for a lot that includes 1 Automatic Voltage Regulator and 3 Carbon Brush. In most circumstances we suggest that if you must replace your voltage regulator that you also replace the carbon brush. These parts are connected so it is easy to change both if you must change one of them
The carbon brush is a universal style carbon brush that will work on almost any generator that uses a brush that looks the same
This AVR is a round or half moon style of AVR. The AVR has a 4 blade quick connection plug and 2 single wires that connect to the carbon brush assembly.
VOLTAGE REGULATOR SPECIFICATIONSRating: 1kw to 4kwShape: Half Moon / RoundElectric Connection: 6 Wire (4 Blade Quick Connect & 2 Single Wires)Bolt Connection: 2 Bolt - 3-7/8" Center to CenterCapacitor Rating: 250v | 220uFSize: Length - 4-1/4" | Height - 1-3/4" | Thick: 7/8" (Case Only)Adjustable: Yes
CARBON BRUSH SPECIFICATIONSStyle: UniversalMounting Bolt Hole: 1/4"Mounting Bolt Spacing: 1" on CenterCarbon Sticks: 2 @ 1/4" x 3/16"Distance from Edge to 1st Brush: 3/4"Distance Between Brushes: 7/16" on CenterElectric Connection: 2 Single Blade Connectors
Some models can use either a square voltage regulator or a half moon round style. This is for the Round Half Moon style ONLY. You MUST ensure that you need a round style for your unit. In many cases you can chose either style and they will connect the same.
This item will ship Next Business Day from our warehouse in Missouri, USA with a delivery time of 2 to 5 days!
For faster delivery use our USPS Priority Mail Option that will deliver in the US in 1 to 3 days or our USPS Express Mail option that delivers in 1 to 2 days to the continental US!
We ship to all 50 US States, PO Boxes, and all US Territories for FREE!.This part is an aftermarket part but is manufactured to the same quality as the OEM part and will meet or exceed the performance of anyaftermarket or OEM part. This part may not look exactly like your OEM part, compare the electrical connection, bolt pattern, physical size, and Kw rating to make sure it is an exact replacement..This AVR will work for many different brands including Powermate, Aurora, Subaru, Honda, Champion, Kohler, Troy-Built, Sparks, Smarter Tools, Duracell, Launtop, General Power, Pro Quip, Coleman, Ridgid, Generac, Westinghouse, Wildfire, Poulan, UST, Eatern Tool, ETQ, Powerhorse, All Power America, Homelite, Multi Power, Husky, Harbor Freight, Stanley, DEK, Powerland, Lifan, Proforce, Wen, Homelite, Pramac, and Blackmax generators plus more!

While it is often the case that replacing an AVR requires no more than installing the new part this is not always the case. Please review our repair notes below that cover common issues that may occur when replacing
  • Less than 120v Output - It is often the case that a new AVR will need to be adjusted for the unit it is being placed in as all units can produce slightly different. All of our AVR's are adjustable using the small brass screw in the small blue box on the back side of the AVR
  • No voltage after installation -There can be several reason as to why a generator will not show or produce voltage after a new AVR is installed. The most common issues are the + and -, positive and negative, wires connecting to the brush assembly being crossed, the 4 blade plug not making a good connection, an old carbon brush being bad or worn out, or the carbon brush connection area being dirty or corroded. There are several other reasons that your generator may not have output after installing a new AVR, including the head being bad. If you are having this issue check everything stated above and if you are still having that issue contact us for further assistance
  • We always suggest when changing an AVR that you also change the carbon brush. We sell every AVR we stock in a lot with a carbon brush in our store
  • Many brands and models can be brush style or brushless and some brands and models can change parts without any notice or documentation. We always suggest that you remove your old AVR and compare it to ours prior to purchase. You can always send us a photo of your AVR and ask us to match it and send you a link for purchase

If you experience any of these issues or other issues with your generator repair feel free to contact us for further assistance. While we are happy to provide this assistance. Please remember that many repair shops charge for repairs while we offer the assistance for just buying a part and we help lots of customers so please be patient when contacting us for help
  • All orders ship next business day after cleared payment
  • We ship everyday Monday through Friday. Typically anything that is paid for by 8am will ship that day
  • Our free shipping will ship using USPS First Class Mail most of the time. We do offer faster services, such as USPS Priority and USPS Express mail for the US and Canada. If you need a different service you MUST contact us prior to placing the order. is strict on having items shipped on time, even if the delay is to help customers, so every order must be shipped or cancelled by the next day. We can assist with other shipping options such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL
  • Typically all tracking is uploaded to at the time of shipping. USPS tells us that it can take up to 24 hours for tracking to first update. If it appears tracking isn't updating when checking on then check tracking on the USPS website. If there still is no update contact us for assistance

Returns - We are always willing to take back parts that are not needed and replace parts that are broken in shipping. This can often be accomplished fast by simply contacting us. Customers are welcome to open a return if they wish but some items, such as small items broken in the mail, often do not require you to return the item and a replacement out can be processed faster with a direct message. Due to 's new policy on returns we will NOT accept a return if the incorrect reason is selected when opening the return. We also will NOT accept a return for a defective item if the item has not been tested to be known that it is defective. Select does not fit if the item does not fit, select ordered wrong item if the item ordered is the wrong item, select ordered by mistake if the order was a mistake, etc. Starting in June of 2018 we will be contacting for returns that are opened using the incorrect reason. If you have any questions about returns feel free to contact us, we are happy to help
Lost Items -From time to time packages get lost, delayed, or destroyed in the mail. We are always happy to attempt to locate the lost package or replace it if this occurs. Before we replace the item we will attempt to locate it and get it coming to you. It is often the case that if an item is delayed or stuck in transit that a status update can get the package located and moving. Please allow 48 hours to be able to attempt to locate any lost package. After that time we will replace the lost package
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Upon payment we always leave immediate positive response for all buyers and we ask that you do the same for us upon receipt of your new working item and we thank you in advance for doing so!

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