Zareba ESP2MZ Electric Fence Charger 2 Mile Solar Low Impedance Industrial New For Sale

Zareba ESP2MZ Electric Fence Charger 2 Mile Solar Low Impedance Industrial New

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Zareba ESP2MZ Electric Fence Charger 2 Mile Solar Low Impedance Industrial New:

Zareba ESP2M-Z 2-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger Description

Looking for a cost-effective way to control small animals?Solar is the way to go. Use the Zareba Solar Low Impedance Electric FenceCharger to control small animals and pets. Keep pets in and small animals outof your garden or other areas of your yard. This solar charger is designed foruse with steel or aluminum wire and weed free fences. It has a built-in moundthat fits T-posts, round and wood posts, Y-posts and flat surfaces. Featuresinclude easy portability with built-in handle, 4-volt battery (included), OKlight to show charger is working, and a 1 year warranty including lightningdamage. Operates electric fencing, including high tensile steel or aluminumwire, polywire, polyrope and polytape The Zareba 2 Mile Solar FenceCharger is used to control pets, nuisance animals, and poultry in a locationwithout access to AC power. The Zareba 2 Mile Solar Fence Charger powers up to2 miles of fence and can be used with the following fence types:steel/aluminum, poly wire/poly rope and poly tape. Made in the USA, the solarpanel features compartmental damage-resistant construction. Low impedancetechnology allows for less battery drain and intuitive technology resistsshorts when the fence is in contact with weeds. Comes with a 1-yr limitedwarranty that includes damage caused by lightning. At A Glance: Powers up to 2miles of fence using a sun charged battery Input Voltage: 4 VDC OutputVoltage: 8 KV +/- 20% open circuit voltage Can be used with steel, aluminum,poly wire, poly rope, and poly tape Low-impedance technology allows for lessbattery drain Resists shorts when the fence is in contact with weeds Includesa 1-year limited warranty including damage caused by lightning Made in the USAAnimals Controlled: Fence Charger Expert Tips: The fence charger is the heartof your electric fence system. Consider the following factors to ensure youbuy the right fence charger to meet your needs: Power source for your fencecharger Type of fence line Area of fence and number of wire strands Weedconditions Type of animal controlled Zareba 2 Mile Solar Charger Model:ESP2M-Z Powers up to 2 miles of fence Input Voltage: 4 VDC Output Voltage: 8KV 1-year limited warranty Zareba 3 Mile Solar Charger Model: SP3 Powers up to3 miles of fence Input Voltage: 6 VDC Output Voltage: 7.2 KV 1-year limitedwarranty Zareba 5 Mile Solar Charger Model: ESP5M-Z Rotates 360° on T-PostPowers up to 5 miles of fence Input Voltage: 6 VDC Output Voltage: 8.6 KV1-year limited warranty Zareba 10 Mile Solar Charger Model: ESP10M-Z Powers upto 10 miles of fence Input Voltage: 6 VDC Output Voltage: 7.5 KV 1-yearlimited warranty Zareba 30 Mile Solar Charger Model: ESP30M-Z Powers up to 30miles of fence Input Voltage: 12 VDC Output Voltage: 7.8 KV 2-year limitedwarranty Voltage Minimum Requirements Animal Minimum recommended voltage onfence line Fence Recommendations Animal Minimum recommended voltage on fenceline Fence Recommendations Deer/Exotics 4000 - 5000+ volts 6'+ tall to keepout deer, high visibility, minimum 7 strands Horses 2000 - 3000 volts White 2"poly tape or high tensile wire recommended, 3-5 strands Sheep/Goats 4000 -5000+ volts Difficult to confine, 4-6 strands Pigs 2000+ volts To deter fromrooting, use 3-4 wires starting 6" from ground Predators 4000 - 5000+ voltsWires spaced 6-8" apart, high output shock value Nuisance pests 1000 - 2000volts Smaller animals require closer wire spacing Bulls/Bison 3000 - 4000+volts Extra shock needed to control a determined bull, 4 strands minimum Pets700 - 1000 volts 3-4 wires, starting 6" from ground Cows 2000 - 3000 volts Ifdocile with plenty of pasture, 1-3 strands Poultry 500 - 900 volts Anti-Roostdevice on commercial poultry feeding systems Zareba Systems voltage testerscan help you determine if you have adequate voltage on your fence line.Testing Your Fence To ensure your fence is operating properly, and youranimals are contained safely, it is important to test your fence regularly.Using a Zareba Systems Electric Fence Tester you can measure fence line andfence charger voltage. Lightning And Power Surge Protection Lightning is oftenthe cause of fence charger failure. To prolong the life of your chargerconsider the following: Disconnect the charger from the power source whenstorms are near Install a lightning diverter/arrestor to divert lightning tothe earth Use a lightning choke to dissipate power surges caused by lightning


  • 2-mile range
  • For use with small animals and pets (limited cattle & horse applications)
  • Weed free fence conditions
  • .04-joule Output
  • 4-volt battery (included)

Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 6.41 x 9.97 x 11.14 inches
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Zareba Systems
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
  • International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping. Learn More
  • Item model number: ESP2M-Z
  • Batteries: 1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
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