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cfischer225 06-22-2007 04:03 PM

how can i have two address books?
i use bes to sync with my exchange, right now i can not use my bb in my car with blue tooth because i have 3000 contacts in outlook. I need to find a way to to have a primary address book of about 200 for use with blackberry but also a way to access my outlook contact list. Anybody know a way to do it on the blackberry or third party software to accomplish this task?

guruleenyc 06-22-2007 04:22 PM

Good ques. I have a need for two as well. One is will be the users Outlook Contacts and the other a Public Folder work directory thats managed.

Any ideas?

pnd4pnd 06-22-2007 04:26 PM

one way might be categories (business, personal) - can the car sync to only one category? just a thought....

Klotar 06-22-2007 05:24 PM

I think the solution suggested almost nails it.

If you go in on your BB to Manage Connections, Bluetooth Options, click the Menu Key, and select Options, you will see "Address Book Transfer".

You have four choices:

1) Disabled

2) All Entries

3) Hotlist Only

4) Selected Categories Only

Now, if you do what Pnd4pnd suggests, and categorize your desired personal contacts, you can transfer only those to your car. Note that you do not have to categorize your 3000 business contacts, just your 200 personal. While even those 200 might take a bit of clicking and scrolling if you do it on your BB like I did, you can also do it in Outlook (look down at the bottom of the Outlook screen) and then sync up.

When you pick option #4, a new field opens up where you can select your desired categories. There are two defaults on the BB, Personal and Business, but you can create custom categories and contacts can belong to multiple categories if you wish. Anyways, if you say, create a new category called 'Car Only' and then add the desired contacts to that category (can include personal and business contacts), you can specify that only those transfer to the car via Bluetooth. Assuming that your problem is that too many contacts are causing your problem with using the car's BT, that should do it.

Disclaimer: I only have 100 contacts and don't have a car even, but I'm making an educated guess. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

cfischer225 06-25-2007 08:13 AM

thanks guys i will try tese methods, problem here is this is for my boss, i know nothing about blackberry and i dont want to lose nay of his info in the process. Klotar you kinda lost me, if you could break it down a littel mor ethat would be great....thanks again guys

Klotar 06-25-2007 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by cfischer225 (Post 578674)
thanks guys i will try tese methods, problem here is this is for my boss, i know nothing about blackberry and i dont want to lose nay of his info in the process. Klotar you kinda lost me, if you could break it down a littel mor ethat would be great....thanks again guys

Sure. Basically, each contact can be put into a category (Business or Personal).

These two categories exist on most Blackberries already, and it's just that no contacts have been assigned to them yet unless you specifically do so. And that's what we're about to go through now.

Let's just say we have 5 contacts: girlfriend1, boss1, coworker1, wife1, and supervisor1.

In this example, we can see that 2 contacts are personal and 3 contacts are business. While we could put the 2 into the Personal category and 3 into the Business category, there is no need to -- we can just put 2 into the Personal category and leave the other 3 without any category assigned. We'll get back to how to assign a contact to a category in a minute, but let's first discuss why.

One reason is for Filtering. If you have 3200 contacts, of which 200 are personal and 3000 are business; and you want to call your mother, there is no need to see the 3000 business contacts while you search. If you filter while you search, you will only see 200 personal contacts (assuming the 200 had been assigned to Personal already), and not the business ones.

The second reason is for Bluetooth Transfers. Each time the BB connects with a bluetooth device, such as in the car, you don't want the connection to take too long, or the device to choke because it can't hold 3200 contacts. In the BB's Bluetooth Setup (we'll get to how and where in another minute), we can specify that we want only a certain Category of contacts to be transferred to the car via Bluetooth, not all contacts. So for example, if in the car we only want personal contacts and not business contacts, you can specify that the addressbook sent from the BB to the car only include Personal Contacts. The connection will take less time and the car's bluetooth device is less likely to choke and run out of memory.

So, if all that makes sense, then let's get more specific.

I mentioned earlier that by default, 2 categories exist already (Personal and Business). But you can create a brand new category if the contacts you want in the car aren't necessarily personal or business. Anyways, you might want to create a category for car contacts called Car Contacts. First you have to create that Category.

To create a category, be in EDIT mode on any contact (preferably the one that you want to assign to the car). Click the Menu Key, and select Categories. You should see Business and Personal there. But we want to create a new one, so click the Menu key again, and select New. A box will pop up saying New Category. Type in Car Contacts (or whatever) and click the trackball/trackwheel. Now, in addition to Personal and Business, there is a new category there that you just created. Next you scroll up and down until the cursor is next to Car Contacts, and click so that there is a checkmark next to it. Click Menu, Save, then Esc, Save and your contact has now been assigned to the Car Contacts Category. Repeat this procedure for any other contacts you want to assign as Car Contacts.

Now, before we set up the bluetooth stuff, we can test out the new category. We'll do an addressbook search, but instead of just typing in a few characters, like 'gr', to search for 'girlfriend1', press Menu and select Filter. Scroll and select Car Contacts. If we did everything right, you will ONLY see the people assigned to Car Contacts (if anyone is missing, add them in; or if someone got added accidentally, edit that contact and remove them from that category). Clear as mud so far?

Next, we exit (Esc out) the addressbook entirely, and find your Options icon (varies where depending on theme). From Options, scroll down to Bluetooth, and click that. The screen might be blank and/or show Bluetooth Disabled but don't worry about that. Click the Menu button and click Options. Somewhere in there is a line that says "Address Book Transfer" and the default setting to the right of it is "All Entries". Move the trackball/trackwheel to All Entries and click. There should be four choices (Disabled, All Entries, Hotlist Only, and Selected Categories Only). Selected Categories Only is the one we want, so scroll to it and click. A new line will appear below called Categories, so scroll down to that and press Menu. From the Menu, select Categories, and the scroll to Car Contacts and click it so that there is a checkmark next to it. Then press Menu again, and click Save. It returns you to the Bluetooth Options menu and you can see that next to the Categories line is Car Contacts. Press Esc and then click Save. Esc out again a few times to return to the main screens.

The Blackberry is now set up to just transfer the contacts in the Car Contacts category to the car instead of every contact. You can get fancy later and assign contacts to multiple categories and so on, but this is the most basic to get the job done.

My instructions are for an 8800, but should be very similar for an 8830. Menu key refers to the key to the left of the trackball (with the dots), and Esc key refers to the key on the right of the trackball (the bent arrow). I tried to word this simply without being overly simple (and insulting), but if I didn't succeed, my apologies in advance.

Good luck.

Edit/Add: Oh, I'd mentioned this earlier but just to bring it up again: if the prospect of editing contacts and assigning them to categories by hand in the BB does not sound like fun, it can be done in Outlook much much easier by just mouse clicks. In Outlook, there are more than 2 categories of contacts by default, and so you can click an existing one (such as Favorites") in Outlook that seems to fit instead of creating a new category.

Edit/Add 2: To edit a contact in Outlook, bring it up by double clicking on the name, and then look down at the bottom (this is in Outlook 2003, so it might be somewhere else in another version). Click the Categories button and you can figure out the rest. After a sync with the BB is done, the contacts in the BB will be updated with the categories that you assigned.

guruleenyc 06-26-2007 08:30 AM

Is there a way to add a secondary address book/contacts from the BES side? I would like to have a business list pushed out to all 60 7520's with minimal administration.

Andi 06-26-2007 09:48 AM

You can map a global address list from desktop manager to the bbs - not possible to my knowledge with wireless contact sync unless you want the GAL dumped into user's outlook contacts. I don't know of a way to "push" a GAL to hhs - we use Lookup for the company GAL

cfischer225 06-26-2007 11:29 AM

klotar, thanks so much, i will be in my boss' office on friday and try this all out.
ps i like how you have girlfriend1 and wife1 as the two personal. lol

i'll post on friday and let you know if it works out

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