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austinpctech 07-31-2006 04:00 PM

Bluetooth connection issues
I am trying to connect a Blackberry to a new laptop using a bluetooth connection. The blackberry says model 700c but the bluetooth connection software indicates model 8700. After running the bluetooth connection wizard I am able to establish a connection and it assigned to Com 40. I then went to the Blackberry Desktop Manager and try to set the connection settings there but Com 40 is not listed as a choice. As a result the Desktop Manager shows not connected. I am able to successfuly connect using USB. Is there a way to assign it to a different Com #, one that is listed as a choice in the Desktop Manager software? Also, the Bluetooth software shows that Auto-Connect is On but it does not seem to automatically connect. I have to manually connect each time. Is there a resolution for this issue as well?

Any useful comments you may have will be greatly appreciated.

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