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infernox 03-07-2007 01:52 AM

Items in Sent folder not refreshing
I keep copies of my sent mail to be automatically kept in the Sent folder. When I had my 8700 after I sent the emails, I would go to the Sent folder and file those messages into specific folders in my Lotus Notes on my BB. When I file the messages on my 8700, the items in the Sent folder would be gone from sight and moved to the filed folder.

Here's where I have an issue with my 8800. I do everything as described above but the problem is that the emails that I highlight to be "filed" do not actually refresh to show that they have move from the Sent folder but if I exit out of the Sent folder and return to it, the messages that I selected are gone and moved to the designated folder. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

infernox 03-09-2007 04:35 PM

Anyone know?

infernox 03-21-2007 12:40 AM

Still having this problem....can someone with the 8800 try this out and let me know if they are having the same issue? Go to your Sent folder on your 8800 and file the sent message and see if it "refreshes" to show that it has moved. Thanks.

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