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oogieboogie 06-07-2012 06:46 PM

Level 1 and Contact Alerts on OS 7
I'm having an issue with combining Level 1 messages from a filter and contact alerts for a contact. It seems the contact alert is taking precedence over the alert for the Level 1 message.

Searched the net for a couple hours but all I can find are tutorials on what Level 1 messages are, and people really confused about how to set up profiles.

Here's what I need to do:
- Default alerts for generic emails.
- Different alert for specific contacts
- Extremely obnoxious alert for Level 1 messages, either defined per contact or globally

The reason is that I have a specific contact (problem tickets!) that are always important to check versus regular mail - but only certain ones are so important that I should be woken up or pull off the road to read and respond.

It worked great on my previous phone (8830 - OS4), and works - albeit a little differently - on my colleagues' phones (OS 5/6). On my old 8830, this worked using the exceptions. Each profile could have its own Level 1 alert and exception lists could use a specific profile. With the newer devices without exception lists, I seem to recall that the Level 1 alert takes precedence over the contact alerts.

Is there some way to accomplish this on OS 7?

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