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Mofphi 09-05-2015 09:14 PM

Wifi Network Scanning Problem
Hi, I have a BlackBerry 9320, but when I try to scan available wifi networks when am 3 metres or more away it says, "no networks found" unless am very close 1 metre or 2 away. When I use another phone even other Blackberry phones I Connect with no problem even 10 metres away. Please help me is there a problem with my phone? Thanks
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tsac 09-06-2015 07:45 PM

Re: Wifi Network Scanning Problem
If you do not have a hardware problem or a conflict with a third party app, do a backup using desktop manager and then do a wipe or enter the password wrong 10 times. It will restore to factory levels. DO NOT reload any other software and test to see if the WIFI works. If it does then add apps back one at a time then test before adding the next. if any one app causes the problem delete it then try the next . IF it does not work after a wipe try reloading the OS. If it still fails then your only direction is hardware.

mfairbanks 02-29-2016 04:02 AM

Re: Wifi Network Scanning Problem
I noted that my LAN image does not show once connected. additionally it appears to be connected however offers no signal. after I build a decision the image reappears and appears fine. i do know it is a package downside as a result of it will thus on totally different LAN networks. I even modified my Passport for a replacement one however it additionally has identical downside.

Are there a lot of folks with identical downside and is it a far-famed issue?
Will there be a update to resolve this issue?

tsac 02-29-2016 12:35 PM

Re: Wifi Network Scanning Problem
In most cases unless the phone is defective the issue is the security on the router or the info on the phone. I don't know of any OS issues or basic function issues with BB.
One thing you might try is interaction with an APP you added to the phone. Some have been know to cause various issues and even block connectivity.

Do a backup of the phone using Desktop Manager ( free from blackberry) and delete apps one at a time to see if it works. Yes it will take time but it will at least show you if the phone has a physical issue with the radios.

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