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tricky_ott 02-05-2008 03:33 PM

When I was speaking about the policy, it was in the policy interface on a BES.
This means that an IT policy has been sent to your device from a BES that includes this default policy.

You can check this Options > Security Options > General Settings at the bottom will give you the IT policy name.

If you have an IT policy on your device you will have to ask your BES admin to change the policy to allow for BT connectivity to desktop manager.

If you do not have an IT policy on your device then it is some other connectivity issue causing your problem.

Keep in mind that all information sent over BT is sent "in the clear". AS in if someone is listening they can gather your personal data. You can make this more secure by choosing the Bluetooth option High+Encryption.

public13 02-05-2008 09:54 PM

Good suggestions so far - I just joined this community, but it seems to be a good one!

I'm using an 8100 and running into the same issues. However, I'm not on a BES, so I can't tweak that.

I did hear that I'm supposed to use the "default windows bluetooth driver", so I went to windows update and downloaded the version they suggested for my thinkpad. still - no luck...I can connect in xp, but I can't via the blackberry manager.

Any other ideas?


hsuanstr 02-07-2008 08:48 PM

i do not have that function for my 8320 is that normal?

djinn23 06-29-2008 08:44 PM

BT Stack?
Hello I am trying to do this now.

I noted that the instructions on the link provided state the following:
"Your computer must be running the Bluetooth software that comes with Windows XP SP2 (see Task 2)."

In order for me to get my BT headset working I needed to upgrade to the OEM drivers for this

I have the SP2 drivers installed but they are busted with the updated OEM drivers taking precidence. This application seems to really want to lean towards the MS XP SP2 drivers. Any way to push them to my OEM BT Stack instead?

I have read a few threads about this issue and I think that this is a common problem when people have updated their stack for other functionality and are off of the MS XP SP2 stack.

thanks in advanced.


Murtadha818 07-08-2008 06:51 AM

hello to all
I bought handset blackberry 8820 i am trying to connect with my camputer through the bluetooth but it is not connecting and showing the my handset .
my bluetooth coming with windows vista ....
how i can connect it with the blackberry desktop manager

davidbellevue 07-31-2008 02:20 PM

Did anyone figure out what to do? I used the policy.bin file to remove the restrictions that T-Mobile put on my unlocked Pearl 8100.

It pairs with my laptop, but device manager will not detect BT. I found this message on RIM's site:

<i>"If the BlackBerry smartphone has an IT Policy that has removed the desktop connectivity service (located in Bluetooth Options), the BlackBerry smartphone will be able to pair, but will not be located by the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.</i>"

So I guess I need to find some policy to upload that allows bluetooth, anyone have any ideas? I am not on a corporate server, btw.

rafa2044 09-06-2008 05:35 PM

I would like to retake this thread as I can't figure out what the issue is. I can't sync my DM (4.6) with my device. Under General Settings (security) at the bottom, just says services, NOT IT Policy. Any suggestions?

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