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Bigwilly 07-16-2010 04:01 PM

7290 Fickle Signal..
Hello again!

As i think it says in my siggie...I used to have a blackberry bold 9000 however it went swimming 3 times (still survived) and cracked 2 screens. It still works perfectly but I dont want to replace another screen so I found an old 7290.

Great phone, really enjoy it so i used Blackberry desktop software and uploaded a back up from the 9000 onto the 7290. This knackered it! Aswell as many issues it would be fickle about it signal so 1 minute full bars next min ute nothing with no ryhme or reason etc.

After advice i found on this website, I did the password enter wrong 10 times hard reset thing and that worked or so I thought! It repaired all my BBM, ringtones etc but it still has the fickle signal.

Whats can I do to fix it? From where im standing, since it only occured once id uploaded the back up thats its a software issue rather than hardware (or so im hoping)!

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

davidA 10-22-2010 10:05 AM

I purchased an unlocked used 7290 one week ago on eBay (for $20) and after installing the latest O/S (I have installed) it works just fine. I suggest you try doing the same..... though possibly your problem (re: fickle signal) is related to a hardware problem. The best of luck in getting this fixed :smile:

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