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mumutaur 02-21-2012 10:52 AM

BB9000B won't connect to PC
My first post here :)

I received a BB9000B as a gift yesterday and it hasn't been running for months. At first it wouldn't charge or turn on, but I managed to get it going a few hours later connecting the phone to my PC without a battery and then inserting the battery.

I also received a Storm 9520, which connects to the PC perfectly and is recognized by the blackberry desktop program.

When I plug my 9000 to the PC, the first few tries I dont get a chime from widows that a USB device is connected, but the phone is charging normally, which indicates that the USB port on the phone is functional.
After a few tries to connecting it via bluetooth and enabling/disabling the mass storage mode, I get a chime from windows (7 64bit), but it says that the USB device is not recognized. It is still able to charge.

The phone is connected directly to the USB port, without any hubs.

The reason I want to connect my phone to the PC is that I want to update my software from BBOS4 to BBOS5. Eventually put some music on it.
If you guys know how to do that without using the BB desktop software, or even without using a PC, please tell me how.

If it matters, I live in Croatia, T-mobile branded phone.

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