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ronx 02-11-2009 01:31 PM

Gmail IMAP sending email to yourself
I just noticed something strange and wanted to see if anyone else could replicate this. First, my configuration: BIS, 3 email accounts (, gmail via IMAP, and an alumni IMAP account). Under Options->Advanced Options->Default Services, Calendar and Messaging are both set to my Gmail account. As I mentioned, I have Gmail configured to use IMAP and have had it configured this way for many months. I will also mention that I am on a 9530 with Verizon, running OS, though I don't think that's relevant since I seem to remember having this same problem with my Pearl on Sprint.

Okay, so I originally thought this was an issue with Viigo since when I would select "Send Article to Myself", I would never receive the article. Even if I tried Sending Article via Email and sent it to my Gmail address, I wouldn't get it, but I could send it to any other email address. I checked to make sure I didn't have any filters set up through the BIS site or on my Gmail account. I finally got around to looking into this further and noticed that I experience this same behavior in the Messages application (i.e. not related to Viigo). If I compose an email to my gmail account and leave the default FROM as that same gmail account, I never get the email on my Blackberry NOR my gmail account on the web. However, if I look at my Sent folder (on the web), I can see the email I sent myself. I then tested sending myself an email through the web interface and it worked fine. It seems to be related to the BlackBerry IMAP connection with Gmail.

So I decided to change my Default Services so that my Messaging default is my account and everything is working fine now. Is anyone else out there using their Gmail address as their default Messaging service AND connecting with IMAP? If so, try sending yourself an email from your blackberry and see if it shows up.


titetanium 02-11-2009 08:04 PM

With Gmail set up as IMAP in BIS, I do not get sent mails to myself after sending myself an email using Gmail on my blackberry. And yes, Gmail is set up as default services for messages and calendar. Just the way I like it.

TroyDBrown 02-11-2009 08:07 PM

Here ya go:

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