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jdforbew 04-25-2018 01:49 PM

Bold 9700/AT&T - Service Discontinued?
For years, I've been using my Blackberry Bold 9700, running OS6+ (which is the highest OS update that will install/work on Bold device) as my dedicated email device. I'm absolutely addicted to this specific model for a variety of reasons. Have been on AT&T network also for years as my data provider with no trouble.

About 3 weeks ago (i.e., early April 2018), device stopped working on AT&T platform. Even though Bold was connected to WIFI/receiving strong cellular connection, it no longer was able to send/receive emails - although it could receive SMS/MMS texts and make phone calls.

When I tried to address service books or relink device on Blackberry/AT&T ( website (FYI, that site is needed to support OS6), it would no longer register/accept device IMEI and errors out.

Speaking to AT&T, there's no problem with the service on their end - as far as they can tell. Since I thought it may have to do with one specific Bold device, I swapped SIM card onto two other 9700's that I have in reserve. None of them would associate/register with their respective IMEI's on the Blackberry/AT&T site.

* Did something recently happen where AT&T no longer supports Blackberry at this OS/device level? Did they change/remove something from their server that no would prevent device IMEI's from registering? Is anybody else experiencing this problem? Can anybody suggest any issues/help/remedies?

Any feedback and ideas much appreciated. I'm addicted to the Bold 9700. Tried upgrading to other Blackberry's and OS10. However, experience is not the same as I prefer.


- Jdforbew

tsac 04-25-2018 09:07 PM

Re: Bold 9700/AT&T - Service Discontinued?
I have an older BIS service BB 9810 and It still works on the ATT net. I would suggest checking the phone for email passwords and various setup requirements. It may be possible the email setup was corrupted by another App.

As for the setup, here Is the web link

As for the OS level, I do not think ATT requires any level. The basic operation including Email should work ok. the only issue I have had is when Apps upgrade and require newer OS level to function. I have had that problem on my current BB with the Android level.

Also I checked with ATT and they also said it should work.

aiharkness 04-30-2018 03:05 PM

Re: Bold 9700/AT&T - Service Discontinued?
I'm wondering why you conclude you have to use the at&t BIS website--if I understand what you are saying. A long time ago the carriers were eliminating their BIS sites as all BIS functions are provided on the device as of one of the late OS 4 versions. For sure you can resend service books from the device on OS 6.

Going on the response above from @tsac, if it were me i would delete all service books, do a hard reset (with power on, remove battery for 30 seconds) and then resend service books.

tsac 05-01-2018 07:42 PM

Re: Bold 9700/AT&T - Service Discontinued?
Interesting , I tried the site below and ATT still supports ( requires) users to activate the email use on older BB phones. If the OP tried and it did not work I would think it may be the level of service purchased, such as phone and text only and no data. I was able to activate an older BB on this site to allow it to receive email and send email.
I also tried doing this on a BB not registered ( the IMEI and PIN ) with ATT and it did fail but worked for calls and text messages via a pre paid SIM
I think the service may not be using the original Blackberry BIS service servers and possible ATT is using their own servers to control the phones. As for the OS 10 versions, they don't need to go thru this. I wonder why they just don't use the same method used on the OS 10 for the older phones. It might be they are trying to force users to new phones ( increase sales)

Anyway talking to the ATT reps gets different answers depending on who you talk to and when. :?

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