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Bigshooter461 03-23-2008 07:00 AM

7290 No Sound!
I am new to using this BB7290, I have to "bend the phone to hear the person I am talking to, I use the Plug in head set to make it easier. Ther is a problem with no sound both with the speaker and the headset. Bending the phone or squeezing it fixes the problem somewhat. I have had it apart and made sure everything was nice and tight when it went back together but still no sound. I have other issues with the OS too but they are just things that I think should be different. like the fact that the backlight does not come on when you press any button, or the fact that phone numbers are not saved to Sim card untill saved to the phone then viewed, sellected saved to sim. then there is the horible week ring volume and the fact that it only rings 3 time before it goes to my voice mail. Even the cheepest phones from china being given away by service providers offer more dynamic user settings. If I can't fix it I may just make a Youtube video testing to see if it will withstand a shotgun blast. I understand now why RIM stock is tanking, this thing is a pain in the ass!

mjgs1971 03-23-2008 08:45 AM

Hi Bigshooter461! Welcome to the Forum.

You might want to consider it's already a hardware problem.

Still, good luck.

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