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cartiel 08-09-2008 02:52 AM

the best carrier
For the short time that I have been a verizon customer I have not been satisfied with their customer service reps.
I had to order a warranty replacement model,due to a faulty trackball,and the service rep. failed to mention that the faulty model had to be delivered back to the warehouse within 10 days,or there would be a charge during the next billing period. With that being said,I'm standing in line at a local verizon store waiting for a customer service rep. to help me through this dilemma; no luck. The best that the girl could do,before explaining to me that she was not officially a customer service representative, was to redirect me with a phone number that I could call to get in touch with a verizon customer service rep., while standing at the counter of my local verizon outlet-arrgh.
So my question to you is - who is your carrier, and do you think they're doing a good job?
I've been thinking about switching my service over to another phone carrier and thought I would get some feedback on to who might be the best decision.
- your blackberry friend
Feel free to use this thread to share any of your rants about the carrier you're on,or any similar experience you might have had.

NickfromIL 08-09-2008 02:58 AM

I have Verizon for the fact that they have the best coverage in my area. If you ask the right people, you will get horrible reviews on any carriers CSRs. For me it comes down to coverage, and I am willing to deal with "ok" customer support to know that I will have coverage everywhere I need it.

barbwyr 08-09-2008 03:10 AM

I've been happy with AT&T for 10 years now.

Ulukia 08-09-2008 03:21 AM

The question is relative and subjective. Because of the many factors involved, there are none that are "best" as all have their weaknesses from time to time. In my area, T-Mobile appears to have better coverage but just a tad south Verizon works better. As far as customer service reps, they too have bad days and they too suffer from lack of training. Those places with higher turnover are even more so. I'm not negating the possibility that the service rep might be a complete and total failure at this particular job, just that there are other explanations. Also working in a potentially high stress job day in and day out with users who on occasion can't distinguish between their left and right sides then blame you doesn't help matters any.

zkyevolved 08-09-2008 03:40 AM

Wirelessly posted (BB 8300)

For international, vodafone. They have BlackBerry plan unlimited email and data in general for 18, about 24 dollars, with no contract requiered (for the past few years at least, who knows if it'll change.)


myk.dinis 08-09-2008 04:47 AM

AT&T for most stuff seems to me the most reasonable across the board...

Everybody scores high and low in diff areas, but AT&T seems to be slightly better on average, all factors considered...

Sprint has THE worst CSR's in the biz, and their stores eat mung! I walked into one the other day to look at a holster for my 8310 and I had to wait in line for a sales rep to become available, like I was in some sort of upscale boutique... I left after about 4 seconds... No one makes me wait for me to spend my money...
But they have an amazingly priced plan, but not great coverage, etc...
Verizon has amazing coverage, but crappy plans and incredibly Big Brother'esque restrictions... If I buy something I wanna be able to use it the way I see fit...

T-Mobile has some decently priced plans, decent customer service, but they are slow to address issues and always seem to be the last guy in the boat...I tried calling one store in my area to check pricing and the number they had listed with every "411" type service was no longer in service... I spent 20 mns tracking down the actual number... If you want my business you're gonna have to be a little more professional than that...

And Alltell (please)

So, AT&T, plans are a litte more expensive than the others (on average $10 more) but the service is similar, if not on par, to Verizon... The phones are GSM (I can bring them other places, easily), the customer support is second to none, I've had all kinds of wacky issues, little niggling things that I felt should be changed and they've always been more than happy to credit my account...
I've personally been credited some where in the neighborhood or about $700 in the past couple years...They're always available...etc...
And I can modify the phone fairly easily...

I like being able to use my hardware the way I want...

Like I said, I've used everyone except the MVNO's and of them all AT&T is the lesser of 4 evils...



Johnny909 08-09-2008 10:24 AM

The best carrier: USS Nimitz (CVN 68)

Any questions?

Ricky-Ray 08-09-2008 11:37 AM

I don't think there is going to be one best carrier. It's going to depend on each person as their use of the cellphone/data service is going to vary. I personally have T-Mobile and I've had it for the last 5 years and only added the BB data service on 2 years ago. I live in the San Gabriel area and coverage is pretty good but I work in Century City and alot of times when I'm in the buildings I don't get good reception. Other people on AT&T and Verzion get better service in the buildings. Am I going to switch...most likely not. I'm not on the phone that much and for me to switch to another carrier I would be paying almost 50 bucks more a month to get the same service as I currently have.

I pretty much know where all the dead spots are in my travel route and if I need to make a call I usually just wait until I pass that dead area then make the call. Slight inconvenience but it doesn't happen alot and I'm sure there are dead spots with all the carriers too. Just my 2 cents.

TBOLTRAM 08-09-2008 01:54 PM

Depends on where you are. I know a power company engineer in the midwest that has a company supplied at&t cell phone. He gave up and got a personnel Verizon phone as it worked in his assigned sector. So when I need to talk to him I call him on his Verizon cell phone. If I don't need to talk to him I leave a message on his company at&t cell phone.

In general, Verizon has the best coverage but it has holes in service in the US also.

ArgonNJ 08-09-2008 02:50 PM

In a nut shell, the best carrier is the one that give the best coverage for your intended area with the best value for your money. All other factors are secondary.

cartiel 08-10-2008 09:17 AM

thanks to everyone :)
I welcome anymore replies.
I think that it might be in my best interest to try and settle my disputes with verizon,but If things aren't looking up for me i just might see how productive a Sprint account can be for me(they have got this simply everything plan that seems to be somewhere in my ballpark) I want the most out of my blackberry experience.
A special thx to myk;a lot of info,to bad you don't work for verizon-lol.

myk.dinis 08-13-2008 10:02 AM

Wirelessly posted (Sex Machine)

You're welcome. BTW, Sprint is good. Just don't get locked into anything too long term. And check your coverage map before you sign up.



styxgroupi 08-14-2008 12:15 AM

Wirelessly posted

Love my alltel.. Been with em since they were might remember the "bag" phones... But now guess I am gonna have to like verizon for another year and a half... BOO!

cartiel 08-14-2008 12:22 AM

Wirelessly posted

I get that same feeling;its good that thigns couldn't get any worse:(

Sneakerholic 08-14-2008 07:44 AM

The best rivials right now would no doubt be VZ and Att it all depends on area and most of your people have free talk is always a good policy.. both have pretty good coverage even though Vz fustrates me @ times I think I will still roll with them.

myk.dinis 08-14-2008 08:25 AM

Wirelessly posted (Sex Machine)

Verizon is THE most perfectly evil company. They treat their customers like criminals. I'm not sure about BB's, but you can't use your own MP3s and use them as ringtones unless you go through some horrendous hoops, you can't use non-Verizon approved software (GPS, etc...), and their EULA is draconian.
But they have done such an amazing job with their marketing that everyone (statistically speaking) believes that they have THE best network. For 90% of the people using VZW, they are doing a great job. Because that 90% doesn't know what they're missing, primarily because they just aren't informed enough.

Bah! I have two types of clients: tech savvy and tech retarded. For the savvy set I always tell them to skip VZW if at all possible and for the other set I tell then to go with whomever has the (actual not perceived) best coverage.



ArgonNJ 08-14-2008 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by myk.dinis (Post 1059420)
Wirelessly posted (Sex Machine)
Bah! I have two types of clients: tech savvy and tech retarded.

How true is that!

techluvr1234 08-29-2008 09:32 PM

I want Verizon. I have AT&T, but sometimes their voice quality is very staticky in my area.

ezrunner 08-30-2008 09:08 AM

the BEST carrier is whichever one works for you and your own situation

I happen to love TMO and ATT both work where and when I need them with a couple exceptions. But for the most part they are great.

I have used alltel and had no issue with them

cl2ysta1 09-02-2008 12:25 PM

I had sprint for 4 years. when they switched to nextel I had to switch because the service wasnt working for me anymore. My monthly phone bills were rediculous. I made the switch to verizon and the coverage is amazing along with most of the people that I talk/text with also have verizon. This significantly lowered my phone bills alone. I have been happy with verizon the past 5 years.

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