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Christopher Robin 09-26-2009 11:05 AM

BB Alerts download protection from handango
After trying out the free download trial of BB Alerts I decided to purchase it from I went through the purchasing procedure which automatically included the download protection (4.99p) It was supposed to be sent to my phone by SMS. This didn't happen. EVENTUALLY, I was told to download BB Alerts from my phone on I did this but was unable to get the download protection. I have repeatedly emailed handango about the this and was finally told to go through the purchasing procedure again!! I have paid for this and am obviously not going to get it. I do have the 1.75 version of BB Alerts on my phone now so will probably leave it, but will never deal with them again

bobchernow 09-26-2009 02:15 PM

Trust me, you are not alone. Here is my most recent correspondance with them.
This was over them not having the latest version of BBSmart AlarmPro and wanting to charge me protection money to get a back leveled version.

Thank you for at least a meaningful reply. I will await a reply from the developer.
I do have to speak my mind here. I remember back when Handango was a new startup and they were competing for business from PalmGear. You were a fast, responsive and nimble company. A breath of fresh air. Since then you have become loaded with procedures and policies that are in no way customer friendly. No telephone support to say the least. And your policy of having to BUY insurance to redownload software, including updates, is totally horrendous and a major rip-off. When it comes to PDA products that cost usually under $10, and usually have updates often, to have to pay close to 50% more, just to be able to keep up with the product is just plain stupid and greedy. I do not think that policy will actually make money for you cause any intelligent user of a blackberry will realize that most of what you carry is also available at Mobihand, Blackberry AppWorld, Handmark, as well as direct from the authors. None of these have the rediculous policy of charging just to download an update. Some do charge for updates, but that is only because the author is requesting an update charge, and then usually only for a major update.

That said, please relay my disappointment with your service to any executive that might care, if there are any. I will know if you relayed it, cause if I do not get a reply from someone in customer satisfaction, I will assume yu just threw away my comments.

I do feel that until you policy changes, I will be forced to only shop with Handango, if you are the ONLY vendor carrying a program and there are no other alternatives. I probably spend at least $10-$20 a week of software and very little will come here in the future. I will also post these comments on any forum that will accept it, if I do not get a meaningful reply, preferably to arrange a phone call with a real person.

Bob (A used to be loyal customer) Chernow :x

Dougsg38p 09-26-2009 03:54 PM

And lest you think that Handango treats ISV's any better, they take about $0.58 of every dollar, and THEN charge us for advertising on their site. They are always at least 30 days late with payments, and even later with reports.

We put eveything on BB AppWorld, and we're glad to be out from under Handango.

texasPI 09-26-2009 04:34 PM


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