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craigwalker93 03-01-2010 04:13 PM

orange plan with another phone, switching to blackberry... HELP!
i was wondering if anyone could help me?

Im currently on a contract with another phone LG GW520 with this i get 200 minutes, unlimited texts and i pay 5 extra for unlimited internet.

I want to buy a blackberry 8520 on pay as you go and just put this sim into the blackberry, I know the minutes and texts would work but would the unlimited internet work for the internet and BB pin?

if not what can i do?

please help as i am very confused!

aiharkness 03-01-2010 04:23 PM

Wirelessly posted

Do a search and scan the posts by Midnightdraven. She has been answering questions on UK services for a while, probably several times a day.

Here is the long story short: The blackberry is the hardware interface to the RIM network and services. To use the blackberry branded apps and features that utlize the blackberry network, you need to get a blackberry specific data plan.

You may be able to get some data capabilities with your existing data plan with a third-party browser. But not push email, blackberry messenger, RIM versions of IM apps, etc without the blackberry data plan.

craigwalker93 03-01-2010 04:40 PM

so would i just ask fora blackberry data plan from orange which will cover those aswell as the internet so i could cancel my 5 unlimited internet or would i have to get the blackberry data plan and the 5 unlimited internet im paying for?

aiharkness 03-01-2010 04:44 PM

Wirelessly posted

Ask if Orange offers blackberry plan on paygo. I read only one UK carrier does but can't remember for sure if that carrier is Orange.

The blackberry plan should replace your current plan, I would think. But it is only data. Any texting plan with your carrier will be in addition.

craigwalker93 03-01-2010 05:04 PM

im paying 15 a month for my unlimited tects and 200 minutes, so asking for a blackberry data plan wont interfer with this will it?

NJBlackBerry 03-01-2010 05:05 PM

That's a question for Orange.

djm2 03-01-2010 05:42 PM

I wonder how many times service reps get comments from callers along the lines of: "But somebody from Blackberry Forums told me you could do it this way?"

Noodle22 03-01-2010 05:45 PM

I've seen this answered many times enough to know, they require you to pay 5 ontop of internet for the BlackBerry Booster service. It's an odd system.

Best bet is to call them though, they are your provider :wink:

the-economist 03-04-2010 06:20 AM

Hi craigwalker93,

Orange does indeed offer BIS on pay as you go. You NEED that for blackberry mail and Blackberry Messenger you're interested in. It only covers network access that goes over BIS. If you browse with a third party browser, use applications that drop transport outside BIS (direct tcp/wap etc) they charge you by the kb. You can get the internet bolt-on (or whatever it's called this week) by paying extra and you can have that use inclusive.

Browsing on the blackberry with the internet plan sim from the other phone would work if you setup your APN settings. Blackberry Email and pin messaging will not. You need the BIS Data Plan for those.

sydneyselvon 06-29-2010 02:34 AM

I bought a Blackberry Pearl 8120 Smarkphone (in UK, where I live) at an auction. Looked new, was still in the box with manual, etc. However, it has never worked. It shows all the time a battery icon with a red transversal line on it. I changed the battery, same thing occurs. I try to link to my pc, it cannot link. Only once or twice I saw the battery icon indicating charging, but then it invariably switches to the icon with the red transversal line. It's a pity. We already have two Blackberries in the household, but this one looks so stupid... Can anyone suggest a solution. The service provider is Orange. The red line with the battery icon even appears when you remove the battery and keep the phone linked by USB to the computer.

aiharkness 06-29-2010 05:49 AM

Wirelessly posted

Try this first. With the battery installed, plug the blackberry into a wall charger. Leave it to charge for an hour. Then, while still plugged into the wall charger, remove the battery and then replace it. Does the blackberry boot up?

If the blackberry boots, leave it to finish charging.

If it does not boot, try another battery that you know to be good.

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