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encabronado 03-01-2010 06:51 PM

How do i get RIM support?
My BB 9000, just died several weeks ago, got a replacement and left for overseas trip.
Durng the trip the ball stopped working, had to juggle the connection to charge and the cover on the back does not click shut - it simply drops out.
Who do i need to contact at RIM to get New phone? not a poor quality re-manufactured unit?

NJBlackBerry 03-01-2010 06:53 PM

You need to discuss this with whoever you bought the phone from. Since you didn't buy it from RIM, you need to either go to your carrier or whoever you bought it from.

RIM won't help you.

Noodle22 03-01-2010 09:41 PM

And sometimes the carriers say "Call RIM"

If it's under warranty you are entitled to get a refurbished unit in most cases. Warranties don't often cover brand new phones unless within a grace period. That grace period is usually 30 days.

jsconyers 03-02-2010 08:07 AM

There is usually a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. A lot of times this will cover issues like yours if there's no sign of water damage/physical damage.

As NJ stated, you need to contact who you got the device from.

ezrunner 03-05-2010 06:48 AM

Wirelessly posted (well lookie here!)

Depending on carrier after "X" number of warranty replacement if they are bad will replace with brand new device. For ATT it use 4. Well at least when I was at aTT

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