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nobody7290 08-13-2010 02:26 PM

HTC & windows Mobile -> Crap
I yesterday had to setup a HTC HD2 for Exchange (The user told me, he somehow never accustomed himself to the Blackberry, and, so decided to buy the HTC).

The setup was rather simple, you have to enter the usual credentials for authenticating to the Exchange server.
Soon afterwards the Device began to sync with the Server,
and after doing that for a while, a message popped up, that Memory is full.

The phone has 512MB internal Memory, and, an SD card for expansion.
However, you cant use the SD card for storing the mail/address-book, etc.

I called the HTC tech support, and, was told, this is a feature by design, and, you cant change the behaviour, the best I could do, is to delete some messages in the inbox (!)

The user later was sucessful later by deleting anything else stored on the phone, then the error did go away, but, I think, this will happen again sooner or later.

What a terrible intelligent system, which assumes, that the internal device memory will be able to sync a complete inbox of some serveral GB large Exchange account !
Who was in charge for this design, ignoring a fundamental rule, that storage is limited, and that you have to expect and handle the fact that storage can be exhausted ?

My Blackberry has 256MB of ram, and I still can see any email, regardless of my mailboxsize because of the remote search. Locally cached mail is cleaning up itself, so, memory never will be a problem.
I also can delete emails from my device, and, they will still be present in my Exchange inbox.

I would not expect Windows mobile to have something like the remote search feature, but, at least I think I can expect that it should handle a large inbox.

I will stay with the Blackberry, regardless what funky, shiny new stuff is developed by anyone, or until I have tested everything thoroughly.

NJBlackBerry 08-13-2010 02:27 PM


We'll see what Windows 7 Phone has to offer....

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