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kbuz 08-27-2010 07:32 AM

device error 367 reset
:-(:cry::x yes all this emotion and 2 bad nights i've been using mobile phones for about 15yrs and never in my life has one crashed on me. just when I signed up to a 24month contract which i've never done before this useless :x storm 2 crashes on me.

I am :x. the unfortunate day started when it told me i needed to upgrade an app. which i agreed to do and then it asked for my bb log in details which i had never had to use before and when I uploaded the bugger asked to reboot like it would usually do and then :x :bb: crash device error 367, reset. No posts on line about how to fix this, the carrier is now demanding i send it back for repairs and in the interim i don't get a replacement phone:x. lost all my pictures which i loaded from a previous handset and erased thinking I was steping up. Just found out yesterday that all the handsets had been recalled except those sold of course and they did not think to inform us of the problem and the option to have an alternative until dooms day comes which in my case is 5 months into my contract.
:x i think all this advance in technology is to hyped up and not properly researched well. I went into a repair shop for phones and their were about ten people in line as at that time and all with BB phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x

once this starts to work i'm selling and getting a simple phone after all most of the people I bb with also have had their phones lost, stolen or crashed.

:xoh did i 4get to mention b4 I got to this stage it would freeze, and sometimes restart itself. I should have figured then it was demon possesed!!! :cry::x:-(:x

dc/dc 08-27-2010 09:33 AM

LOL at your English fail.

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