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b52junebug 06-09-2011 11:50 AM

Just a good morning rant
Okay, I have been a life long BES admin. I really dont like or want to understand other devices. Doesnt mean I dont know anything about them, but I would rather plead ignorance if it means not adopting some POS OS that doesnt provide security, doesnt sync like its supposed to from a vendor that feels the only way to provide any support for a handful of people is to purchase a huge support contract.

Now I hear that we are about to open up Pandora's box by allowing anyone with an upgrade on their phone to go with another fruit product. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY.. Please do not put me through this.

Blackberry is secure, simple, easy to troubleshoot. I dont get an attitude from RIM when I ask questions. I can role back software, I can lock down the users from the stupid crap they do, THEY DONT COST $600 when some a hole decides to take his device swimming...

I dont have to run to the frigging fruit store to get the fickin thing fixed or replaced. I call the carrier, they send me a nice new replacement.. I have spares that I can easily swap out without having to pay full price and then return to the 'store' for a credit.

Anyone else feel trapped when the business decides to f the system and adopt something else. Problem is I have seen this WHOLE thing before and we end up right back here with Blackberry. Why the hell cant we just stay here?


penguin3107 06-09-2011 12:18 PM

Re: Just a good morning rant
I disagree with your entire line of thinking on this.
I, too, have been a BES admin for a long time, but I'm certainly not going to limit myself and co-workers to BlackBerry only. Every user has different needs and wants... especially executives.
I welcome the opportunity to fit any smartphone into our environment. It not only expands my own personal knowledge but also allows the users to be happy and stay on the cutting-edge of technology.

RIM is rapidly falling behind in the so-called "smartphone wars". In my opinion, they're becoming more irrelevant every day.
iOS and Android devices already own the consumer space and are rapidly moving into the enterprise space as well. They're good devices and provide adequate security for most organizations. Not everyone needs or wants the security that BES provides. ActiveSync might be good enough, and this makes it very easy to find iOS and Android devices working their way into your network.

Do yourself a favor, and accept that iOS and Android smartphones are becoming more relevant in the enterprise space. Learn about them, adopt them, and don't be so bitter about it.

jsconyers 06-09-2011 12:28 PM

Re: Just a good morning rant
I agree with Penguin's line of thinking. However, we are a GroupWise shop and meeting these needs of other devices is not nearly as easy as it is as an Exchange shop. Having said that, I have setup multiple other servers to manage Android, iOS, WebOS, and Windows Mobile devices on top of the BES and BB devices.

As Penguin stated, RIM is falling be hind and doing so fast. I get more requests for Android and iOS devices everday. Having used all of the OSes, they all have their pros and cons and none of the devices will fit everyone's needs. That's why the choice is nice. If BB doesn't suit me, I could try iOS, and if not, then Android, etc.

b52junebug 06-09-2011 01:13 PM

Re: Just a good morning rant
I agree, to an extent. I guess for me its the request for the same security RIM provides with the fun consumer factor of iOS. For our organization its just rough to have someone come in and say we want the same security and reliability as our blackberry with the iPhone. And truth be told its not there. When some one accidentally wipes out their iPhone and iPad, Im expected to bring dead back to life and bring it back with all their info and settings like a blackberry. Again, its not there. There are so many downsides with trying to bring in a consumer device into an organization when it was never designed to be compatible with anything other than email. Not to mention that so many of us (companies) are adopting the technology with out thinking through the back end implications.

And yes I do know them. I have carried the iPhone for over a year as well as the iPad & iPad2, I have a Xoom, I have the playbook. So yes I have used them and have learned them. Its just the global mentality of the iPhone will solve world hunger.. Or as I had a user put it yesterday.. He drank the coolaide..

Just go with a BYOD solution, give the users email and citrix and when the device breaks, let them deal with it.. No?.. dang it.. :)

dc/dc 06-10-2011 12:36 AM

Re: Just a good morning rant
I think this is one of those eternal debates, but in my opinion, now that the other OS'es are catching up in terms of native corporate e-mail accessibility, and BYOD is becoming more viable. Personally, when I return to the US, I will continue to use Android given the choice. Optimally, my next company will simply integrate my existing Droid Incredible 2 so that I only have to carry one device. If not, then I will ask for a Droid Pro.

ArgonNJ 06-17-2011 12:35 PM

Re: Just a good morning rant
Technology, like life, is not static. As an IT person, you need to change with the times, otherwise your company may be showing you the door in favor of someone with new, fresh ideas.

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