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aiharkness 09-04-2011 06:45 PM

Now this makes sense
I didn't get the point of OS 6 on the 9700. To me it was a total waste of effort, though I know I may have been alone in that sentiment.

Well, the combination of that user interface with a hard keyboard and a touch screen is beautiful. It is all making total sense to me. Using the trackpad and keyboard for the navigation scenarios I mentioned in my earlier post is still the long way around, but if you use touchpad gestures it really is as quick to do those tasks.

I have experienced screwball behavior on pages when using the trackpad. Some of it is probably me touching the screen by accident; and some is probably me not understanding what I'm doing, such as when I'm zooming when I want to scroll up. But my solution is to use the touchscreen almost exclusively to navigate web pages and only use the trackpad when I absolutely have to.

All in all, I think the 9900 is almost a home run. Call it an easy triple that would be a home run except for the battery life (though I'm yet to be sure the battery life will be as bad for me as many are complaining it is).
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Dubdub 09-04-2011 06:48 PM

Re: Now this makes sense
The new 9810 is also a great device and the hybrid model - touch and keypad - really works better for me than pure tough.

NJBlackBerry 09-04-2011 08:05 PM

Re: Now this makes sense
I guess I was one of the few who liked OS 6 on the 9700. After shrinking it I had sufficient memory and lagging wasn't an issue for me. Should make the 9900 learning curve that much less :)

aiharkness 09-04-2011 08:34 PM

Re: Now this makes sense
I'm pretty much only using the keyboard if I have to type, and the trackpad to click precisely on something or someplace.

With OS 5 and before, the menu would almost always open to what you planned to do next, say mark prior or delete prior, or whatever. If what you wanted wasn't pre-selected, it was at least nearby, not way up or way down in the menu. I didn't get this with OS 6. I also don't get this behavior with OS 7 if I access the menu with the BlackBerry button. But this software behavior is there if you bring up a short menu, or select full menu from the short menu, using the touchscreen.

That was my big complaint with OS 6 .... too many more movements to do the things I was typically doing ... but I don't sense the same thing using the touchscreen to accomplish those things with OS 7.

I didn't even get so far as to deal with memory or impact on pefermance. I gave up shortly after hello and went back to 5.

By the way, no lagging on the 9900, no hour glass or spinning clock face. It's fast.

rambo47 09-04-2011 09:56 PM

Re: Now this makes sense
My thoughts exactly! OS 6 was definitely designed with the touch-screen devices in mind. I only put it on my 9650 because I knew it was the future and that I'd be getting an OS 6 device next.

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