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DidoB 02-17-2012 10:54 AM

My emails stopped coming to my Blackberry
About 2 weeks ago I stopped receiving my emails on my Blackberry and thought that it was a set up issue - so spent many hours trying to sort it out. I should point out I do not live in the UK and that I am over 60. Yesterday I phoned my o2 guru who could not at the time fix it and passed me to Blackberry Service. I spoke to someone called Stephen who spoke so quickly that I, an English person, had difficulty understanding him. However, his story was that Blackberry had changed the rules for users abroad and that the bolt had been blocked as I had gone over 10mb a day!! I use my phone for texts mostly, and that is rare. I delete the emails as soon as they come in, but I do pay for the privelege of receiving them. On asking when this new rule had come in I was told 18 months ago. I bought my Blackberry 12 months ago, and until this happened, had been able to receive my emails with no problem. On asking Stephen if I could speak to his supervisor I was told he was busy and I asked them to call me back. In the meantime I asked Stephen to make some enquiries as there was no way I could possibly have used 10 mb in the year let alone in one day. Of course neither of these happened.

In the end my Guru fixed it for me and obviously spoke to someone who was able to realise that a mistake had been made somewhere and they reinstated my bolt on.

The reason for this post is to make you all aware that we are just nothing to the people whom we have paid for the privelege of using their phones. I am horrified that this Stephen could not be bothered to check into my usage, whereas my Guru managed to get it fixed in 10 minutes.

I cannot praise highly enough my o2 Guru in Hereford, thankyou Dan.

jsconyers 02-17-2012 11:03 AM

Re: My emails stopped coming to my Blackberry
Welcome to the forums.

Just so you know, this forum is in no way affiliated with Research In Motion (the makers of BlackBerry devices).

Also, this post should be in the Rants and Raves section.

Dubdub 02-17-2012 11:47 AM

Re: My emails stopped coming to my Blackberry
So moved.

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