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thepoutypanda 10-22-2006 12:39 AM

GET A NEW PEARL (because your old Pearl had a problem)
Okay, I've had the Pearl for a month (since mid-September) and since the day I got it, I didn't REALLY have any problems.

When my phone was dropped by an over-zealous colleague, I got pissed because the entire front screen had three big scratches on it. I didn't get insurance, but I called to see if I could add it. It was a no go because I was past my 14 day period to add insurance.

I called and complained the first time that the phone was doing a soft reset on its own and that the trackball had gone schitzo on me (working sometimes, and not others). I went through the entire work up with BB service after dialing 611. They said the problem was the software and NOT the hardware, thus, they would not give me a new phone.

I called again and complained that I wasn't getting my calls and my calls were important because I'm a consultant and my clients couldn't reach me. They apologized, made me go through a master reset to get the phone back to normal. Sure enough, the phone was still working, but I told them it's not working.

I called again tonight after dropping my phone on the cement (:-o my own fault) and scratching up the casing (I'm still waiting to receive my silicone case!!!) and they told me to reset again. The reset was successful, though I told them it was NOT.

I continuously reset the phone and told them the screen was stuck on the hour glass :oops: and not even spinning and the CSR put in an order to ship me a new phone. :razz:

At last... I am getting my new phone8-) . She advised me that it's a possibility that it might be refrub, but since the phone is still very new on the market, she's almost sure it'll be a new phone, and if not, I should just call back and say I'm still having a problem with the refrub phone and they would 100% send me a brand new phone.

Just a heads up for you guys who might've gotten some major knicks in before you got your cases or after you've passed your 14 day period to get insurance on the phone!

Hope this helps someone!! :smile:

dwc 10-22-2006 12:59 AM

thepoutypanda 10-22-2006 01:12 AM

and the point of that is...?

dwc 10-22-2006 01:18 AM

absolved 10-22-2006 01:59 AM

Mm mm Yum-my~

jibi 10-22-2006 02:14 AM

so because of your own issues and mistakes, you lied and cheated and managed to get a free replacement? i understand that TMO is nothing more than a facelss corporate entity to most people, but this post doesn't reflect too highly on your character. just food for thought.

stealthx32 10-22-2006 02:22 AM

People like you are the reason insurance rates are so high, for any industry.

Die in a fire.

Mike_B 10-22-2006 02:39 AM

You do realize once T-mobile receives your "defective" blackberry you will be charged $100 for the intentional damage not caused by a manufacturer defect

crowberry 10-22-2006 03:10 AM

I'm forwarding this post to T-mobile! :shock: You are on here braging like that S**T is cool :sad: IT'S NOT!! They will charge you once they get the phone. Count on it. I have to admit, you are cute though, so you 1 free pass;-)

bb-mike 10-22-2006 03:18 AM

Wow - you are a real class act - not.

Whenever I have a legitimate problem and have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get it sorted out - I think about how it is all due to liars like you with a broken moral compass.

cbunting 10-22-2006 04:37 AM

Wow that is cheazy... and to even be picky for it NOt to be a refurb phone... Maybe you shoulda got the insurance BEFORE you dropped it the first time... The whole point of the 14 day period is because of people like you, that made it a 14 day limit in the first place... Sheesh

SLVR6 10-22-2006 07:00 AM

Wow, so people like you make it that much harder for people with real problems to get help and replacements. I do hope when you get your new Pearl it reminds you every day what an honest person you are.

ifonline 10-22-2006 08:48 AM

I love how every so often someone pops up and posts about how they committed fraud because they somehow deserve something for free, and how they are just trying to "help" others by posting. Crap like this should just be deleted immediately, and the OP banned for some period of time without question. To allow this to continue only supports and develops further action such as this. This is neither needed nor moral.

d_fisher 10-22-2006 12:33 PM

Even if you dislike what the original poster did, there is no need to hurl personal attacks.

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