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raft 12-17-2007 03:19 PM

Selecting outlook to sync crashes Desktop Manager
Hi everyone,
I'm having a variant of a problem reported here (but not exactly as mine, as I've seen) and in other forums, but couln't solve it yet.

With my Blackberry pearl 8100 I was using Desktop Manager v4.2 in a computer with Windows 2000 and trying to select Microsoft Outlook 2003 as a source for any PIM service results in Desktop Manager having a windows pop up saying that DesktopMgr.exe has encountered an error and needs to close.

We are two persons in the office with the same configuration and the problem is only affecting my computer.

I've already tried:
- Restarting with a new (blank) Outlook 2003 Profile.
- Full uninstalling of Desktop Manager software and new Outlook Profile.
- Reinstalling of Outlook, Desktop Manager and new Outlook Profile.

The result does not vary. The only variant was that, after reinstalling Outlook, a new window is coming before the other one, now with a " memory could not be “read” " error. When clicking OK, Desktop Manager closes, upon clicking Cancel, it goes to the aforementioned error screen and then, when accepting it closes.

- The error happens as soon as I select Microsoft Outlook in each service (Contacts, Calendar, Notes, etc) even before accepting or configuring it, a sandclock mouse pointer appears, and then the error windows.
- BB is working fine syncing contacts with Outlook Express. It doesn't have a problem when you select any other program from the lists (Notes, Ascii, etc).
- My service provider's latest version is 4.2, I'm now downloading 4.2 SP2 from for further testing.

Any ideas?

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