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Jprm04 10-21-2005 09:03 PM

Scrolling Text Messages in Message Box Slow
I have a 7290 and recently upgraded the handheld software to
Everything works fine and fast. The only problem I have (I assume after this upgrade but not sure) is that when I scroll through text messages in the general messages folder (where emails and text messages arrive) the scrolling has a delay from one line to the other. As I move from the first msg to the 10th, let's say, my trackwheel rotates 10 times but the highlighted text msg is the 5th or 6th one.

I have noticed though that this only happens with text messages. If I have 10 email messages the scrolling is perfect. Likewise for phone calls logs and other items.

The other strange thing is that when I try to reply a text message and I start typing, there is also a delay in the appearence of the letters on the screen. In other words if I type "this is a test.." the word "this" will appear after I finished typing the word "test"! ... but then it works fine for the rest of the letters I type.

Also, clicking on the "Message" icon I can notice a delay in opening that application, only if text messages are contained in there. If emails are the only items in there, then no delay at all, even if emails content are quite large as I have tested.

Anyone has experienced this problem?
(History and logs are kept clean and do not have many msgs stored in there. I removed the battery and reset the handheld..did not fix this). I removed IM, and did not fix the problem.

Any help suggestions is appreciated.
Thank you

jboogie 10-22-2005 12:31 PM

do you have the AA enabled? this caused a slight delay in my scrolling, but not as you described..

i havnt found a setting to increase the scrolling speed except in the brickbreaker game, and i dont think that affects anything outside the game, like text and such...

Jprm04 10-23-2005 08:11 PM

Hi jboogie, thanks for reply...
What is the AA and how do I disable it if this option is on?

Dustbin30 10-24-2005 05:50 AM

Where do you store your SMS messages? If they are on the SIM card maybe the delay is the BB always having to pull info from the SIM?
Just an idea...

Jprm04 10-24-2005 09:14 PM

No I'm not using the SIM card to store them... But is only happens with text messages. I can scroll thru Emails just fine..

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