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shortskoolbus 10-23-2010 04:19 AM

Redirector sending same email multiple times
Been having an issue with my redirector lately. I'll find that it will resend emails that were already sent before.

So for example I send an email from my blackberry through desktop redirector and it confirms it is sent from my device with a CHECK mark. I can also see that it is in the SENT items folder in my outlook.

Then as the day progresses and i send and receive more emails that sent email with the Check mark moves down the list. Then randomly a few hours later I will see the sent mail with check mark appear at the top of my message list again, as if i had just sent it. I confirm that it is actually sending again by looking in my outlook sent items.

Usually it will do it in batches... so it will suddenly resend like 6-7 emails all again.

It only happens with redirector account, not BIS email account.

Any ideas?

Dubdub 10-23-2010 09:22 AM

An FYI, i don't think Redirector is supported by RIM any longer. From what I have heard, they have let it go bye-bye.

Doesn't answer your question, but figured I would post just in case. Redirector is a very flakey tool at best and not very highly recommended. Doubt if there are very many users any more.

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