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tyree 01-23-2006 05:16 PM

Outlook 2003 calendar sync problem
I am new to the board so if I have left any information out please let me know. Have tried searching on the internet and this forum but have not found a solution yet.
We have a user with a 8700 (upgraded from a 7290) that the calendar sync is not working properly. He is running Outlook 2003 (not in cache mode) with a BES and everything is set to sync wirelessly. One example is he accepted an meeting, the meeting then got updated, and then got deleted. Both the original meeting and the update meeting are showing up in his Blackberry calendar but not in his Outlook calendar. We have tried turning wireless off and back on. Also turning off and forcing a manual sync to the calendar and then back on but the problem comes back. Other than completely removing the user and wiping the Blackberry for a reload, does anyone have another suggestion or fix?
Blackberry version
BES version
Exchange 2003 SP1
All help is greatly appreciated.

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