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Osprey 06-13-2011 01:50 PM

Software upgrade disaster - 6.0 bundle 2534 - please help !
Hi -

I have already posted on these and other forums about problems experienced upgrading BB software via desktop manager, from previous 5.0 xxxx versions. I have used a BB Bold 9700 for a year - and upgraded about 2 weeks ago to the new software.

The latest finding is a real issue - and I gather one which has negatively affected many other users. I am seriously thinking of defecting to an iPhone after 4 years of BB usage, I have just about had enough of wasting time dealing with niggles caused - but not rectified - by RIM.

On my old software, I used to be able to go to a general Search function and input any text, then ask the BB to search Calendar/Notes/Address book etc. On the latest software, this function seems to have disappeared. As other users have commented, RIM seems to think we are more interested in searching Facebook, rather than the valuable data we have spent hours inputting on our own devices. The Search function has in effect become useless - it can't even find my own phone number, which is under my own Address Book entry.

There are loads of other niggles with this new software (it robbed me of my previous ringtone and the "new" substitutes were poor; it takes ages to find who called me and dial their number; it has (needless) new features which are inadequately explained in the Help function; the online Ask a Question feature is utterly useless etc..

Can anyone tell me, before I take a sledgehammer to this increasingly irritating piece of equipment (which I used to love) if there is a fix - or if the only thing to do is to go back to an earlier version of the software and how to do this ?

Grateful in advance for your replies and apologies for being so fed up !

Dubdub 06-13-2011 03:40 PM

Re: Software upgrade disaster - 6.0 bundle 2534 - please help !
First, are you using an 8900, as in your profile or a 9700, as in the post?

Are you refereing OS 6 or DM 6? If OS, what OS are you using - bundle number doesn't mean much, what are the last 3 numbers - something .543 or similar?

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