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brownkc 06-28-2011 08:01 AM

Email Issue w/ BIS: Outgoing port 26
I am trying to set up an email account on my 9700 that I have through Namecheap hosting (tied to a website I have). So far, every attempt, via the 9700 and ATT's BIS website, has failed. The more advanced options only allow you to change the mail server name and user name.

I believe the issue is that the outgoing mail server is using port 26. My email account gets the messages from Blackberry but it appears that BIS is not getting a response. I don't believe I have the ability to change the port. I was able to set up Mozilla Thunderbird by making the port change but Blackberry doesn't appear to offer this option.

Any suggestions?

Dubdub 06-28-2011 08:49 AM

Re: Email Issue w/ BIS: Outgoing port 26
Outgoing shouldn't make any difference as it goes via BIS and the carrier, not through your ISP directly.

And what do you mean "BIS isn't getting a response"?

The problem must on the incoming side. Are you setting it up via POP or IMAP? Do you have "leave mail on server" checked in T-bird's set up?

Have you talked to the hosting company and made sure you have the correct settings and if they support BB.

brownkc 06-28-2011 02:58 PM

Re: Email Issue w/ BIS: Outgoing port 26
When I tried to set up the email account for Outlook, Thunderbird and BIS, they all failed at first. A quick search of email with an outgoing mailbox of Port 26 returned a number of results with people saying it was a nonstandard port to use and may not play nice with some email programs.

Outlook (work computer) was the first one I tried manually changing settings. The key seemed to be an issue with my hosting server using Port 26 for outgoing mail. It worked for about 30 seconds on Outlook (was able to connect and retrieve messages) then returned a message about a header failure and could no longer connect.

Next, I tried installing the email account on my Blackberry 9700 (I already have 4 other email accounts connected to it). It failed with both the simple and advanced install. It suggested I try accessing the BIS server from a desktop and set up the account there. I tried this but had the same limited options as the Blackberry unit and it failed again. I opened the email account through its web interface and found a 2 emails in it from Blackberry so the emails sent by Blackberry was received.

I then went home and tried installing the account in Mozilla Thunderbird. It failed at first because the default Port for outgoing mail is 25. I manually changed that to 26 and it now works.

I haven't tried installing it on my iPad yet.

As for speaking with the hosting company, I have not done that. I assumed that if it was set up for IMAP the Blackberry would be able to access it.

Dubdub 06-28-2011 04:12 PM

Re: Email Issue w/ BIS: Outgoing port 26
The outgoing server makes no real difference. You can use any outgoing server you like. In T-Bird, you set each one up separately and then you have to select the default for that account. With the BB, you cannot set the outgoing server. It uses the carrier and/or RIM, not sure which one.

I have been using T-Bird on both my Macs and PCs for years. I always use the same generic outgoing server for all 5 accounts that I have, but sometimes in a hotel, I have to switch to get it to work properly.

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