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Angiejane 02-04-2012 10:35 AM

Blackberry ID
I am new to Blackberry never having used one before. I am having problems setting email up and accessing application store with my Blackberry 9860. I have a Blackberry ID which I can sign with online at anytime, but when I try to go into the app store on my 9860 it asks for my BB ID and when I put exactly the same into the handset, it is rejected. Not sure where I go from there, apart from ringing my Airtime Provider, so I am asking if anybody can help me first, before I take that step.:smile:

aiharkness 02-04-2012 10:54 AM

Re: Blackberry ID
There can be different issues with app world. Exactly what is not working? Are you getting an error saying your ID doesn't exist, password is wrong, what?

NJBlackBerry 02-04-2012 11:02 AM

Re: Blackberry ID
Do you have a BlackBerry Data Plan on your account? Is e-mail and BlackBerry Messenger working properly?

Angiejane 02-04-2012 05:29 PM

Re: Blackberry ID
Firstly it says unable to log into your blackberry id account. I use the same email address and password on the blackberry page on my computer and it logs me into my blackberry id page. I cannot set up an email as I cannot log into my blackberry id. Blackberry messenger is working fine, no problems with that. Sorry if I am being a bit vague, but not had a blackberry before and never had problems setting email up on a phone before or downloading apps.
Hope that clarifies. As for a Blackberry Data Plan, yes I do have a data plan so am thinking I will have to call Orange tomorrow to find out why I cant access things on my handset.

aiharkness 02-04-2012 05:39 PM

Re: Blackberry ID
The reason the exact error message is important is because it usually leads to the answer with a search. Take a look at the following:

KB28212-"Unable to login to your BlackBerry ID account" or "Unable to update your BlackBerry ID account information" error occurs on a BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry 7
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iphie 02-05-2012 02:27 AM

Re: Blackberry ID
I find it difficult to update my bb I'd and I use 8520.everytime I enter appworld it tells me to dat,yet I find hard
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