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nitpicker 10-31-2012 04:41 AM

Proxy isn't used by BB's
The following issue:

In MDS Connection Service I have the following proxy configured: PAC proxyserver:8080/array.dll?Get.Routing.Script

More Info:
BES Version:
BlackBerry 9360 - Software version (Platform
BlackBerry 9300 - Software version (Platform
Network T-Mobile NL

The BB 9300, works as expected, the BB surfs internet via the proxy. So if I visit a whatismyip site, I see the proxy's IP.
A couple of users has a BB 9360 and those are not using the proxy, they have the following info at

Reverse Lookup:
ISP: Research In Motion UK Limited
Company: Research In Motion UK Limited

I thought all users will use the proxy if configured at the MDS Connection Service. That's, at least, what I want.

I already resend the service books and the IT policy, but that hasn't solved it. I hope I don't have to wipe the BBs that have this issue.

Someone has a suggestion to solve this?

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