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algems 01-13-2013 09:22 AM

Memopad wont return after OS upgrade
Dear all,

i just upgrade my 9860 Monza to .746

i followed carefully all the instruction to backup, wipe, install OS, load OS and then restore data. but unfortunately, when i performed data restore, the file option for data restore only choose october's loader back up (when i was still using DM6).

there are certain important notes that i kept in memopad, and foolishly i didnt move them to other place (such as email or PC's notepad) before doing the handheld wipe.

now, i've lost them :cry:

is there anyone who can help me retrieving those latest memopad?

many many thanks in advance... (y)

faharzz 01-25-2013 04:39 PM

Re: Memopad wont return after OS upgrade
On your pc, click start»ur blackberry pin / or the name of ur device at BBDesktop Software »search... ( Pliz set ur pc to 'show hidden folders' )
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aiharkness 01-25-2013 06:23 PM

Re: Memopad wont return after OS upgrade
First, in the future, do a manual backup yourself beforehand, just in case the automatic backup doesn't go the way it is supposed to.

So, did you look on the computer? Is the automatic backup there. If it is, then we can figure out what to do. If it isn't there, and if you don't have the data in another backup file, then there's nothing to do.
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