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barjohn 02-26-2005 01:23 PM

Bluetooth Upgrades Comming?
Pulled the following from bluetooth testing and compliance documents. Note that new versions of the Bluettoth software have been tested including a release dated February 25, 2005.

Annex A
HW and SW version combinations for the various products
Model HW SW
RAP40GW ASY-07029-001 Rev.1J,,,,,,,
RAQ40GW ASY-07200-001 rev.1D_ASY-07220-001 rev.1J,
ASY-07200-001 Rev.1 ASY 07220-001 Rev.1,
ASY-07200-002 Rev.1 ASY 07220-001 Rev.1,,,,,,,
RAQ41GW ASY-07390-001 Rev.1 ASY 07220-001 Rev.1,,,,,,
RAQ42GW ASY 08377-001 Rev.1 ASY 07220-001 Rev.1,,,,,,
Revision history
Revision Date Changes
1 September 8, 2004 First release
2 September 30, 2004 New product ID added; correction of previous HW
3 October 8, 2004 New SW version
4 October 18, 2004 SW version editorial correction
5 December 13, 2004 New Model numbers, new SW version, new HW
6 January 17, 2005 SW/HW combination table above created, editorial
correction (118->113), new SW for all RAQ models
7 February 4, 2005 New SW versions for all models
8 February 25, 2005 New SW versions for all models

Maybe some of the Bluetooth bugs we have all been experiencing are being addressed.

On the 7100t (I believe it is the RAP model) the current released version is and as you can see they have just tested

Here is for two more models 7250 is one of them.

Annex A
HW and SW version combinations for the various products
Model HW SW
RAL11IN ASY-07729-001 Rev. 1B,
RAR20CN ASY-07338-001 Rev. 1A
Revision history
Revision Date Changes
1 November 18, 2004 First release
2 January 17, 2005 HW/SW combination table created, New Product ID,
New SW version

The RAR model (7250) is currently at and as you can see has been tested.

The different versions probably have to do with the chip set used in the phones. (My guess).

Anyone able to add more info to this please feel free to help us all know where things are going.

sassybmwx5 02-27-2005 12:53 PM

blackberry bluetooth software that works with bmw x5
bmw doesn't support blackberry phones because of software compatiblity. is the an updated software that will allow me to pair my bmw with my 7520?

barjohn 02-27-2005 01:20 PM

There maybe. As you can see they have gone through several revisions that have not been released to the public yet.

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