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SpeedDemon44 11-26-2006 04:29 PM

Decryption Failure
Hey all -

I saw this discussed in one other thred, but my problem still exists. The only time I see the error is when someone else sends me a PIN message. The PIN message is coming from another Blackberry user. He has another provider (not sure who) and is on a BES. I use Nextel and am not on a BES (thus shouldn't even have an encryption key I thought). I do not have a redirector on my Desktop Manager and under Security > Services, it says '*** No Services ***'. Email and MMS messages work fine. I don't have anyone else to send me a test PIN so I don't know if it's just from him or if this would happen with all PIN messages. I can send him PINs and they go through fine. When he sends me a PIN, it shows him that his message was delivered, but on my end, I get a breif message that says "Decryption failure, please regenerate a new key."

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I looked at the public kbase at and came up with the same suggestions that were in the other thread on this. Without services and without a redirector, I don't know what to do.

Nextel Bleackberry 7520 - OS
Desktop Manager v4.2.0.10

Thanks in advance!

SpeedDemon44 12-01-2006 04:23 PM

no one out there has seen anything like this? :(

d_fisher 12-01-2006 07:06 PM

Was your device connected to BES at some point in time? Only thing I can think to do is backup, perform a security wipe, and restore your data.

John Clark 12-01-2006 11:31 PM

If you're not sure if your device has ever been connected to a BES, you can go to Options >Security Options> and under IT Policy Name there will be a name (mine is "default") and then a "last updated" date/time stamp. If there is a date in there then your BB has a policy on it and it has been connected to a BES. If so, you can do as d_fisher said and wipe the handheld.

SpeedDemon44 12-03-2006 10:05 AM

That's the problem. I know for sure that it's never been on a BES. I bought it brand new and have only used my personal email account on it (imap). I'd rather not have to wipe the device if I don't have to, but if that will resolve the issue (even though it's never been on a BES) then I'm willing to try.

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