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Rick76 01-04-2007 06:12 PM

Syncing BB8100 with Sage ACT!
I noticed during set up of BB Desktop Manager 4.2 there is an option to sync with Sage ACT! Has anyone tried this? I have a colleague that is considering an 8100 purchased but the single most important factor is seemless integration with ACT, preferrably without a 3rd party conduit.

If anyone has, or is, using this system I would like to hear:

1) which version of ACT are you using?
2) other than setting ACT to sync with during set up is there any other mods/considerations we should be aware of (loss of data or field, etc.)?
3) how much customizing is necessary with field mapping just to sync default ACT info (no customized fields in ACT)?
4) how many contacts are in the database?
5) are you able to sync more than one database?

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