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Exclamation BB Died! HELP!

Please Login to Remove!

ok, I went into the bedroom to get my BB and clicked the wheel, chose unlock, entered my password and got this:


I entered around 10 contacts, phone#, 3 addresses, and 3 with alternate #s. I installed BB Y! messenger, BB messenger, Sharkmodem, BB Today, and Opera Mini.


*BUT* this is not the problem.

I could not use the pwoer button to turn it off and on again (ala PC that's out of RAM) so I pulled out the battery and put it back in.

BB powers up, goes through it's paces, then a few seconds after the main menu comes up I get this:

Uncaught Exception: net.


So I click OK

everything seems to work, I scroll around. I click on a random icon (this is a loop and I've tried several icons) and then I get this error:

owner died Thread[Thread-


and I have the hourglass spinning around, I click, I hit enter, I press every button on the device and all I can do is turn the backlight off and on...

so I press and hold the power button. It says "powering off handheld, press any key to abort"

then the screen goes blank

I press the pwoer button once

screen comes back on and says "turning off handheld"

then the Nextel logo comes up and it beeps like when it turns on and my main info screen appears (note that it never turned off) and then I have a spinning hourglass. when it finally stops, everything is normal... I click the wheel, choose unlock, enter my password, and the loop starts all over again...

If it means anything, I had 0 messages this morning, and now it says I ahve 3 (and there is no messaging configured on this device, AFAIK, not even SMS)

If I wait long enough after the screen pwoers down, it will turn off, but it takes atleast 30 seconds...

Can anyone tell me what happened? How do I fix it? do I need to hard-reset (i.e. wipe all memory)? If so, how?

turned it off for about 20 min, turned it on and now, int he center of the screen, in plain text (no fancy 'window' box):

JVM Error 203

and reset is highlighted. I heard the beep as the phone pwoered up and the two arrows appeared in the corner showing it 'talking' to the carrier, but this is all I have.

I click the jogdial and the little red light comes on a moment, it beeps, and the hourglass appears and starts filling-and-turning. It did this for around 3-5 min, not change, then it showed "NEXTEL |" and my main screen came up.

I get the readonly exceptopn again, click it off and go to messaging. I have 3 messages, as per the icon, but inside are 2... both from today, and both saying "your device has been registered with the wireless network" this is the 4th time I've gotten this message.

Now, everything else seems to work, I opened opera mini and laoded a page. The only error I see is that I have a new message, which I dont...

Any ideas as to waht happened? and will it happen again?

I missed a call; it never came through, I rolled over to "phone" and it crashed and started the crashing loop again.

I'm going to back-up my BB and wipe it to see if it works...

X3 Final Update:
I pulled the battery out for like 10 min and it still didn't erase, so I booted up, ok-d the first error and went to settings and WIPE.

After a good 20 min it was clean. I took it to my desktop, sync'd it, got my address book back, turned off international calling (why the hell it was on by default I dont know...) and now it's working perfectly again (save some errors in specific programs not realted to the acctual OS)

I have no idea what happened, but wiping it solved it. If anyone else get into a loop like this, be sure your BB is sync'd, then wipe, and it should solve it.

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