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alwaysbepreparedcom 02-16-2007 11:24 AM

Now it won't synch at all!!! Ahhhh
I had the 'unable to write' error message. I tried going through all my contacts & scrubbed them for errors...all fine. I tried doing a repair via the control panel add & remove section...nothing.
I tried uninstalling & reinstalling twice....nothing.

When I reinstalled, it didn't ask me to generate a new pin so it's still using the previous pin which I think is the problem; it doesn't see my pearl as a new device in need of a new pin.

Now when I plug in my pearl to the USB cable blackberry desktop manager shows 'Working' but it does nothing.

I don't know what happened. 2 days ago it all sync'ed fine, not a hitch now for some reason it's dead in the water.

Any suggestions?

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