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aaronk 04-01-2007 07:34 PM

Application Loader Crashed my 8100
I was trying to remove the Today Plus theme from my phone, so I unchecked it from the application loader. Went through the steps, can't remember the exact wording of the options, but I checked the one that would basically wipe everything that the application loaded on the phone.

Anyways, a little ways into the process it seems as though the phone disconnected (I heard the disconnect chime) and then a fatal error message popped up. Phone had a blank white screen with turning hourglass. The phone eventually rebooted itself but it reverted back to the default settings (as if I just turned on the phone for the very first time). BBweather, Google Maps, and Gmail were all still installed, but all other settings, messages, and logs were cleared.

I reloaded my most recent backup and tried to remove the theme again. This time it was successfully removed, but right after the message popped up the phone restarted again.

I'm with T-Mobile running OS version .64. My Desktop Manager was an older version though... I updated that to, but I haven't needed to uninstall anything, so I don't know if it will crash my phone again.

Any ideas on why it's doing this when I run the Application Loader? Was it because I was running an old version of the Desktop Manager? The phone did not disconnect during the original removal process, but something funky happened.

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