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wharrell 04-14-2007 11:25 AM

Full Screen Blank Image Problem Still Exists Verizon
Does anyone have a fix for the full screen blank image problem that started with release 4.1.x on a 7250 with Verizon?

My older 7250 failed recently and I received a new 7250 with the latest software, it still has the bug that was introduced in 4.1.x.

In previous versions of the software, if you were looking at an image such as a weather radar, and then wanted to 'full image' the image to see the detail, you were presented with the ability to scroll around the image.

Starting with 4.1.x, when you take this option, the browser only give you a blank white screen.

If anyone has a fix or work around for this issue, I will appreciate it.

Thank you.

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