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ronag 05-04-2007 03:19 PM

email Message handling & filing
I'm using a BES for my corporate email, and also have my POP3 email accounts setup on my Blackberry as well, and was hoping there is a way to handle, sort, and file messages in the same manner as my corporate email.

The main "issue" I would like to address is how the "Message" folder has my corporate email, as well as shows my POP3 stuff, and was hoping there is a way to only show the POP3 email in its appropriate folder to keep the clutter out of the main folder. Further to this, is there some kind of folder structure that can be created to "file" messages in the same manner as my corporate email from our BES??

The folder structure would allow me to get messages out of the way...but still accessible if/when needed....

Thanks in advance!

JSanders 05-04-2007 03:33 PM

The creation of additional folders on BIS can't be done. You can save them to the saved folder. There is a ZEN theme available for the 8700 which can have a separate folder for SMS messages, I am not sure if it can separate BIS from BES messages, but I do not think it can.

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