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merlin2880 06-08-2007 12:37 PM

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Corrupting Desktop[CMIME] service book when users sync
I am the administrator of a BES server/Exchange integration and have run across a problem that I haven’t been able to resolve. I haven’t even been able to determine why it is happening.

First a little about the setup that is having the problem…

We have multiple users who are setup to download their email (not using Cached Exchange) to an Outlook PST file on their laptop so that their email is accessible from their laptops at all times (excluding newly arrived email that hasn’t been downloaded yet). The users are setup so that the email arrives and gets delivered to their blackberry where they can see it immediately and respond to it if necessary, or wait until later to deal with it when they have access to the internet and can download their email to their laptop. BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on their laptops to allow these users to sync their contacts/memos/tasks/calendar (emails are not synched) with Outlook locally on their laptops. Wireless synchronization is off for all of these applications.

The Problem:

Whenever users synchronize their BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software on their laptop it corrupts their Desktop[CMIME] service book and sometimes their Desktop[CICAL] service book.

- We know the Desktop[CMIME] service book is corrupt because the user is no longer able to send or reply to email (Gets the “Transaction error. Bad format message.”).

- We know the Desktop[CICAL] service book is corrupt because the Wireless Synchronization and a couple of other options will disappear from the Calendar’s option menu.

- The user must then delete one or both of these service books depending on what is corrupted, contact us, and have us resend their service books to return the device to full function.

- It occurs sporadically for some users, for most users with this setup it happens every time, but for some people it does not occur at all (I am in the last group as I cannot get it to happen, which makes it very difficult to troubleshoot).

- It seems to occur most often on the 8703e, but is known to happen on other models as well.

Attempted Resolutions:

We’ve tried every version of the Desktop Manager software, including going back to version 3.6 and it occurs on all versions. (Note: They recently released Service Pack 2 for the newest version of the Desktop Manager software. I am in the process of getting someone to test it, but I don’t see it working then either.) We’ve gone through every configuration setting on the Desktop Manager and BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to see if there would be anything that would cause it, and were unable to find anything. We have a standardized setup for users, and it for some users, even though all users have the same setup.

The problem must lie on either the devices or in the Desktop Manager software, but I have not been able to find a resolution.

Is there anyone who has experience such an issue? What did you do to resolve it? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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