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7100simpleisbetter 05-11-2005 06:21 PM

Password Keeper Security issue

I noticed that if I backup my data (including password keeper) and then wipe and reload the password keeper back on it asks me to create a new password. So I tried this on other devices from my password keeper backup and I was able to restore to another BB, set whatever password I wanted to and was able read every single one of my "secure" passwords that I input. This seems to be a problem. It is a decent utility (would have liked to see a desktop utility to read and update that synched with my HH but I can live with it on my BB) but this may be a deal breaker. In the meantime, I am encrypting my backup files on my desktop to avoid it becoming a problem and having all of my personal passwords discovered.

Come to think of it, anything can be restored on any other BB without any passwords or anything, seems to be the one thing RIM didn't think about in their security schema. As many users are laptop users these backup files travel with everyone on Windows laptops (I don't care what anyone says they are not secure if they get into the wrong hands). I can encrypt my Outlook files (pst, ost) but now you need to encrypt your BB backup as well or else your passwords and other PIM information is vulnerable.

Does anyone else have this problem, am I doing something wrong, any corrections or methods to better secure my data when it is backed up would be appreciated.


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