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DatranCatran 10-24-2008 11:09 PM

What is RIM?
I'm new to blackberry, could someone explain or just simply tell me - and anyone else whom may not know either - what RIM is?

daphne 10-24-2008 11:23 PM

RIM is Research In Motion, the company that makes BlackBerrys. Their stock symbol is RIMM.

RIMM: Summary for RESEARCH IN MOTION - Yahoo! Finance

akosnitzky 10-25-2008 08:51 AM

Wirelessly posted (Verizon 8830)

They are god of the Blackberry World :-)

Cooper 10-28-2008 11:44 AM

"RIM is a software company that just happens to be making their own hardware but deals 80% with software"

That's pretty much a direct quote from and agreed upon by a few people I know that work there. They put more money, time and effort into all of the software they have.

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