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Wiseass 01-15-2010 12:11 PM

Kodak sues Rim for patent infringement...


PHOTOGRAPHY PIONEER Eastman Kodak is suing Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) for patent infringement.

In a filing with the US International Trade Commission, the firm explains that the Iphone and Blackberry use image previewing tools that would not be posslble were it not for its technology. It asserts that because of this it should receive royalties.

The cases, which have been brought in front of the FTC separately, seem to be the result of some pretty unsuccessful negotiations between all parties. "Kodak has a long history of digital imaging innovation and we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating our industry-leading patent portfolio," said Laura G. Quatela, chief intellectual property officer and vice president, Eastman Kodak Company.

"In the case of Apple and RIM, we've had discussions for years with both companies in an attempt to resolve this issue amicably, and we have not been able to reach a satisfactory agreement. In light of that, we are taking this action to ensure that we protect the interests of our shareholders and the existing licensees of our technology. We are merely seeking compensation for the use of our technology in their products."

The technologies in question involved patents that "describe a method by which a computer program can 'ask for help' from another application to carry out certain computer-oriented functions," and Apple and RIM will not be the first firms pay Kodak. Quatela said that almost 30 companies are "royalty bearing to Kodak".

She added that at the end of last year a judge had ruled in Kodak's favour against Samsung, and that it hopes to see the same result in these cases.

"We remain open to negotiating a fair and amicable agreement with both Apple and RIM, which has always been our preference and our practice with other licensees," she said.

Noodle22 01-15-2010 01:12 PM

Seems almost like a cash grab to me.


dankarlinski 01-15-2010 05:03 PM

Wirelessly posted (White and Nerdy)

Indeed. I'm curious to see how this turns out

duane534 01-17-2010 01:16 AM

I wonder how this has developed. *da-da-dum*

Noodle22 01-17-2010 05:51 PM

Great pun :razz: haha

CoDudette 02-01-2010 07:14 AM

the things people do for their Kodak moment.

CanuckBB 02-02-2010 11:54 AM

I wrote a desktop app in VB that has an IE object embedded in it. So my app 'asks for help' of another application. Does that mean I owe royalty to Kodak?

ArgonNJ 02-20-2010 06:43 AM

Both Apple and RIM have large war chests and the best lawyers around, should interesting to see how this plays out.

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