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jaybbforum 05-26-2010 07:30 PM

Anyone else notice that RIM is overanalyzed just about every quarter? I bought some today & will wait & see what happens at the end of June :idea:

TDSWIM 06-11-2010 02:29 PM

Well maybe the community of users over-analyzes the company when comparing it to the iPhone and Android market, but RIM beats analysts expectations on earnings quite a bit. The next earnings announcement is on 6/24 and I think that RIM has a good chance of beating the consensus partly because the legal issues with Motorola have been settled.

jaybbforum 08-22-2010 09:49 PM

Corps & gov'ts worldwide need to rally with RIM
Why is RIM fighting alone to keep widespread BBS access & BES safe against scrutiny by a country who doesnt need full access? Large multinational Corportions & governments i.e., most BB users, whose emails flow through the BES that India seems to desperately need acces to surely arent the ones India needs to protect itself from by monitoring email. If I want to sell coke in india I am not going to do anything to destabalize the economy or the government -t wouldn't be good for business. India should not be asking for access to 99% of BES for Corp & gov't based RIM emails There should be a way to exclude certain companies/users from scrutiny. Multinational corporations doing business in India not to mention the average Indian natinal business is not where its "national security threat" comes from any more than non-indian companies are threatened by the commerce (call centre suport) that India provides. there are ways to ensure that Indias national security is maintained without asking for everyone's email be read. Surely India should consider the effects of stonewalling on this issue as it will leave itself open to unreasonable demands on other issues it faces where it needs foreign company/government coopertation. What if Apple ever figures out how to protect its emails? or Nokia, motorolla etc? are all these companies then going to have to provide access to emails of its corporate customers? Companies that want to do busines in india should pay close attention to what is happening here. India is not an island, we westerners keep lots of indians employed ona fair & equitable basis based on supply & demand in a very competitive marketplace. Most of indias claim of national security is bupkus. RIM should only provide access to the select few very shady operators India needs to track in order to protect its true national interests.
Where is the Canadian government here? 08-31-2010 01:30 AM

@jaybbforum: Agree with you on the BES part for Corporates , agencies snooping on sensitive corporate communication that might be on RIM emails is not good in the long run and beats the very purpose of companies using BES... however, the concern has been expressed about the BBM services that any individual can activate with just BIS...anyways ... RIM has given in to the demands and is going to set up a server in India. Details on what kind and howmuch access will be given to the security agencies is still not available however.

jaybbforum 09-03-2010 12:11 PM

Indias encryption issues lie with enterprises
India is saying to enterprise & individuals that if you wish to communicate while within Indias borders using email, messenging etc, we must be able to monitor your communications to protect our citizens from the bad guys.

Isn't Indias request impossible for RIM to comply with without the enterprises assistance i.e., encryption keys?

Since RIMs system is set up the way it is for BES users i.e., only the customers have thier encryption keys, wouldn't initial lawful access requests or requests for encryption keys be better directed to the enterprises themselves? This would take RIM out of the middle.

Presumably if is to be law that the Indian gov't has real time access to enterprise emails, enterprises must submit to this willingly if they want email service while in India. It follows that how gov'ts obtain access in RIMs case may involve a request to each enterprise directly. Let it be up to each enterprise to comply with the request on thier own. In this scenario RIM is not in a quandry of trying to serve both parties' interests.

What will happen if enterprises use alternate encryption techniques outside of BES? Presumably they would be in the same boat & be subject to scrutiny or shut down.

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