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Hyper7PCR 01-23-2006 07:47 PM


lgreenberg 01-23-2006 08:00 PM

Just a few of the threads alreasy posted on the subject......

sfo 01-23-2006 10:12 PM

NTP gets only satisfaction, no money, if they win.
So obviously a settlement will be reached.
RIM is not about to destroy its cash cow.

AlbertoM 01-23-2006 10:38 PM

There is a forum for legal matters. MODS!!

NJBlackBerry 01-24-2006 02:39 AM

Really? Court?
News to me. A lawsuit?

Move to Rim Stock/Legal..

richieg 01-24-2006 07:41 AM

Does anyone know if this only applies to the US or worldwide. If it applies to US only will there be any change on OUS products/services. I am thinking about getting a 7290 but am holding off to see what happens. I am based in Ireland

NJBlackBerry 01-24-2006 09:02 AM

US only.

udontknowjack 01-24-2006 09:43 AM

OMG, am I going to loose my Blackberry forever? I didn't know about this lawsuit thing, whatever will I do? Should I be buying duct tape and plastic to protect it?

Sorry, couldn't resist.


NJBlackBerry 01-24-2006 09:44 AM

306. I should ban you permanently :-)
Yes, duct tape your BES immediately.

nb_mitch 01-24-2006 09:59 AM

Duct Tape is the only thing that works to protect a 8700 when it hits the ground, I thought everyone know that...........

udontknowjack 01-24-2006 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry
I should ban you permanently :-)

Probably, I'm clueless. Boy you are one tough moderator. That figment avatar must just be a cover, huh?8-)

NJBlackBerry 01-24-2006 10:09 AM

Hey Jack - Don't be messin' with Figment ;-)

dozment 01-24-2006 10:19 AM

Ok, I started to say this yesterday, but didn't want to add more junk to the thread. Since you guys seem to be in a good mood today, how about this: We start a rumor that anyone who sits quietly (based on a SEARCH of until this thing plays out and RIM wins without paying a dime gets a free 8700. To play the game you have to be very, very quiet. Not a peep about NTP, lawsuit, lawyers, or patents until this thing is over. After its over those of you who haven't said anything (if anyone remains) should go stand by your mailbox to wait for the arrival of your brand new 8700!

Will that work?

udontknowjack 01-24-2006 10:26 AM

Man, I wish you would have mentioned it yesterday. This post today is the first I've done on this subject, I believe in all these months. I could have been on my way to winning!!!! But, will the 8700 have a camera and mp3 player, because I really need those to do my job.

dozment 01-24-2006 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by udontknowjack
But, will the 8700 have a camera and mp3 player, because I really need those to do my job.

Yes, it is a "special" version. It will have a camera. It can be permanently tethered to your laptop if you buy the optional Kensington cable locks. There will never, ever be data charges or a need to talk to customer service at any provider. And, it has a form of predictive text so that any time you start typing a word it will spell out the word, "S-E-A-R-C-H".

BES admin 01-24-2006 10:41 PM

The newest version is known as the "Dingleberry" and will have EVERYTHING EVER made for wireless devices added to it. It will cost $299 and will come with a lifetime, unconditional warranty on all parts as well as service.

Look for it in stores soon... THE "DINGLEBERRY"

sigh :smile:

roux 01-25-2006 09:31 AM

I'm trying to find when the Judge will make his final determination on an injuction. I thought I read somewhere that he would make the decision by 1/27/06 but I can't find it anywhere.

Has anyone else seen a date?

NJBlackBerry 01-25-2006 09:40 AM

No date has been announced.

whsbuss 01-25-2006 09:51 AM

The only thing most articles say is the district judge has indicated he will have another hearing as early as early Feb. But no one really knows.

roux 01-25-2006 10:40 AM

I have ten new 8700c's to deploy and I could still send them back. I'm hate to irritate my execs if they have to change back to treos.

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