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ffejie 09-21-2009 09:46 PM

LTE + CDMA Blackberry for Verizon Wireless?
Verizon is accelerating their move to LTE and launching the first two test cities this year, with up to 30 markets coming on board by the end of next year. I imagine that Verizon Wireless phones will have to run with two radios to be effective until at least 2011, when we might start seeing pure LTE phones. With that in mind, do you think RIM will get in the game with a LTE + CDMA Blackberry, or could they wait until 2011 to launch their first LTE device for Verizon, and potentially miss out on a lot of early LTE adopters?

The other idea is that LTE will be limited to USB adapters for a while, as they are the ones that need real speed, and we won't see any phones until LTE is a usable technology for voice.

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