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ZombieBerry 01-31-2012 06:18 PM

Leaked Pic of BB10?

"BOOM! Last week's leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap slide deck brought with it a ton of goodies for the new year, but one thing that was missing was a fresh look at a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Superphone. Consider it found though, with the slide above featuring an image and some details on the much-rumored about BlackBerry "London".

The story here isn't cut and dry though. Back in November a first photo of a BlackBerry London dummy unit hit the internet, but that BBX phone -- it wasn't re-labeled BlackBerry 10 yet -- featured a hardware design that was quite different than the phone in the image above. The first photo of London featured angular edges and a design language more akin to the uber-expensive Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone by BlackBerry.

By contrast, the BlackBerry London in the image above looks much more like a phonified BlackBerry PlayBook, featuring the rounded corners and all-black look of RIM's first tablet. And while we heard the first photo of London was legit as RIM hardware concept, we've been hearing for an even longer time now that the first QNX-based hardware was more like a downsized PlayBook. The plot thickens.

All confusion aside though, our excitement is building for the next-generation of BlackBerry phones that are due out later this year.Word has it that London is actually slated for the UK (go figure), while two other models -- "Laguna" and "Lisbon" are in development for the US market targeting AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. We wouldn't be surprised at all to see Laguna and Lisbon actually launched prior to London. With BlackBerry still the #1 Smartphone in the UK, it's in America that RIM needs to first make a big splash with BlackBerry 10.

Talking hardware for a moment, we're hearing that both the TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm chipsets are being tested (1.5GHz dual core processors). If we look ahead by looking at BlackBerry history, it could be that Qualcomm is for the CDMA carriers. All we know is that with the BlackBerry PlayBook rocking and rolling the PlayBook OS at 1Ghz, that with 1.5Ghz as a baseline BlackBerry 10 phones will not be lacking in the performance department.

Keep it locked to CrackBerry. You know we're gonna be Rocking & Rolling This!!"

Dubdub 01-31-2012 06:38 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10? has this. Looks to be the same thing.

RIM's BlackBerry London Surfaces with New Design

Nice looking device. Looks like a Windows Phone or a Droid. I may have to save up to get one!

ZombieBerry 01-31-2012 06:40 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Seems to making the rounds. Looks interesting anyways.

Dubdub 01-31-2012 06:55 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
BoyGenius also has it, but I don't trust his sources. But in this case, other sources have something similar.

ZombieBerry 01-31-2012 07:03 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Oh. Ok, just googled BoyGenius. Didn't know he was the bg in bgr. I've never been to that site.

ZombieBerry 02-01-2012 05:51 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Another interesting story...

BB 10: What you need to know | PluggedIn

The future of BlackBerry is HTML5 plus the same QNX operating system that's in the PlayBook - and also in many cars, set-top boxes and even nuclear power stations.

The next version of the BlackBerry OS will be called BlackBerry 10 or BB10 (not BBX after a lawsuit was filed), it will run on phones as well as tablets and it's a big change from the current BlackBerry OS (based on a mobile version of Java).

It also means rewriting all the BlackBerry apps out there, including RIM's own apps like email and calendar, which we still haven't seen on the PlayBook.

We don't know the BB10 release date, although we're expecting to see it next year - but here's what we do know.

1. BlackBerry 10 isn't the next version of the PlayBook OS

There's an update coming for the PlayBook, called PlayBook OS 2.0, which adds key missing apps like email and BBM, but that's not BB 10 and it won't have all the BlackBerry features that BlackBerry 10 will include like voice search and push notification for apps.

RIM VP Chris Smith told TechRadar: "The vision is that all the native services in BlackBerry - whether that's enterprise integration or push or payments, the vision is those services will still be available for developers to plug in to. They will come across onto BBX in the future but it's incorrect to say they'll be there on PlayBook 2 out of the gate."

2. The beta isn't BB 10 and you don't want it
If you want to upgrade your PlayBook you can get a beta version today, but this is strictly a developer preview (and the instructions for signing up for the preview are suitably arcane.)

It doesn't include any of the applications that will be in the PlayBook 2.0 operating system like email, calendar, contacts and BBM, although all the apps that came with the original PlayBook still work just as well.

What it does have is Air 3 and Flash Player 11, the latest version of the Bolt HTML5 browser and the runtime for using Android apps that have been repackaged by developers for BlackBerry - but unless you have your own Android source code to work with, you won't see Android running.

3. BlackBerry 10 won't run BlackBerry apps
When the PlayBook first came out, RIM talked about building a BlackBerry emulator so you could keep your existing apps. That's not going to happen.

"I don't want to tell you it was an easy decision," the new head of developer evangelism at RIM Alec Saunders told TechRadar; "we spent a lot of energy on getting the BlackBerry Java platform to run in BBX."

But when they looked at how the apps would compare to what you could build on BB10 with QNX, HTML5 and AIR, "it would look like a diminished experience".

4. But BBX will run Android apps

BBX and PlayBook OS 2.0 will run Android apps, but you can't just download them from Android Marketplace - they have to be repackaged for BlackBerry 10. That doesn't mean changing the code but the developer has to take the .APK source code and use the RIM tools to turn it into an app.

And not every Android app can be repackaged, Saunders explained to us. "As an Android OEM you get to licence Google Maps. We're not an Android OEM, so we don't. If you have an app that relies on Google Maps it won't run but there are about 70% of apps that will come across unchanged."

5. HTML5 and Flash are the future

The Bolt browser for the BlackBerry is based on WebKit and ex-co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said RIM will be "investing in making sure we have the best HTML5 implementation in the world".

It's not just about web pages. RIM VP Alan Brenner told us he expects "the vast majority" of apps to be HTML5 within a few years. Developers can start work now; HTML5 and Air apps that work with BlackBerry 7 will also run on BB10.

The PlayBook is getting Flash Player 11 and Air 3 (the runtime that Photoshop Touch for Android is built in) in the next update. That puts RIM in head-to-head competition with Android tablets and it might come down to who can do the best job of connecting phone features like push notification to Web apps; RIM is promising to let Web apps integrate deeply with BlackBerry 10 features like the inbox and BBM.

6. It looks like only one phone will launch with BB 10
Despite the song and dance that RIM has made about its next-gen BlackBerry 10 handsets, sources say the company now only has one so-called 'superphone' under development.

The two handsets codenamed BlackBerry Colt and BlackBerry Milan have reportedly been kicked to the curb by the Canadian company, with only the BlackBerry London still in the running.

According to BGR's sources, despite some minor design changes, the London still looks very much like the leaked prototype we reported on back in October 2011.

7. Native is the future too
Thanks to QNX, BB10 - and the PlayBook today - can run the same kind of C++ code as a PC, Mac or console and most of the major gaming engines like Unity, Marmalade and ShiVa3D are now available for building PlayBook games, so you'll see games using the same animation engine as on the PlayStation 3.

RIM is building a lot of open source projects right into the platform for developers to work with - including the Qt framework that was at the heart of Intel and Nokia's ill-fated Meego operating system. That gives developers who are used to other platforms a lot of tools to build apps with that other mobile devices don't have.

8. There's lots of 3D: meet Cascades

Forget the boring black and blue BlackBerry interface; BB 10 apps will have 3D effects and animations so pages flip on and off screen, lists fold up like a concertina when you filter them and photographs curl slightly at the side like a real print.

That's courtesy of user interface company The Amazing Tribe that RIM bought last year; they've written a user interface framework on top of Qt called Cascades that makes it easy to create those kinds of special effects.

The PlayBook picture viewer actually uses an early version of this but BlackBerry 10 will have far more effects and any app can use them.

9. Think PlayBook in the car
The current PlayBook OS is based on the version of QNX built for car makers and "the next generation of QNX for cars is going to be built from BBX," Alec Saunders told us; car makers are keen to use HTML5 for in-car information and entertainment.

That makes it easier to treat your car as another device, he suggested, and to share information. "Ultimately you will be able to transition from your smartphone to your tablet to your TV to your car. Sync will be important. I think you'll start to see devices do things like Bridge today, where it mirrors [on the PlayBook] what's on the BlackBerry handset.

"You'll use one device to access what's on another. QNX is made for these kind of scenarios, projecting information from one device to another. You won't have five devices and have all your content on everything; it's going to have to grow seamlessly across them."

10. BlackBerry 7 isn't dead yet
There will be BlackBerry 10 phones; "future unnamed devices" as Alec Saunders mysteriously puts it. But BlackBerry 7 phones will be on sale for quite a while, with new models launched recently and there will be new services coming out for BlackBerry 6 and 7 like the BBM Music social media sharing system.

RIM's going to have to compete with Honeycomb tablets (and probably Ice Cream Sandwich ones too) with the PlayBook 2.0 update; BB 10 will probably come out in time to compete with Windows 8.

11. BlackBerry 10 is / isn't delayed
RIM was forced to hit back at reports that it lied about the reason for the delay in bringing the next generation of BlackBerry phones to the market.

Boy Genius Report posted a story claiming that phones running the new BB10 operation system had been pushed back because RIM did "not have a working product."

This contradicted the Canadians' assertion that BB10 handsets would not arrive until later in 2012 because it was waiting for new LTE chipsets to be manufactured.

RIM's full statement reads: "RIM made a strategic decision to launch BlackBerry 10 devices with a new, LTE-based dual-core chipset architecture. As explained on our earnings call, the broad engineering impact of this decision and certain other factors significantly influenced the anticipated timing for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

"The anonymous claim suggesting otherwise is inaccurate and uninformed. As RIM has previously explained, and as Mike Lazaridis reiterated on the earnings call, we will not launch BlackBerry 10 devices until we know they are ready and we believe this new chipset architecture is required to deliver the world-class user experience that our customers will expect. Any suggestion to the contrary is simply false.

"We appreciate the interest in our future platform and we will continue to work hard to deliver that platform as soon as possible. At the same time, we also remain very excited with the success of our recently launched BlackBerry 7 smartphones and we believe these products offer a very compelling choice for both new customers and the almost 75 million BlackBerry users around the world."

tsac 02-01-2012 07:50 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Ok it sounded great until I read the last post and found it would not work with blackberry Apps currently available. If this is just another Android phone then the security and other features that make a blackberry a blackberry will disappear and the phone will melt into the hundreds of others available. It seems like RIM is having problems with the development of a Blackberry with the features this phone has but under the secure OS normally found on the BB.

Maybe I'm missunderstanding something but some of the info sounds like marketing hype.

In any event I like the looks

smoothadmin 02-02-2012 11:27 AM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Looks cool but if RIM plans to release it they better do it before December of this year before the world falls into total darkness from the suns north and south poles flipping and emitting a burst of radiation at us. :)

fishspoon 02-04-2012 04:36 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?

Originally Posted by smoothadmin (Post 1766002)
Looks cool but if RIM plans to release it they better do it before December of this year before the world falls into total darkness from the suns north and south poles flipping and emitting a burst of radiation at us. :)

I had heard that RIM is indeed preparing for the Apocalypse,
Should it happen they will be changing the names of there new phones from
London, Laguna, Lisbon to Pompey, Atlantis, Babylon

Good Luck,

ZombieBerry 02-04-2012 04:44 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
I wouldn't mind a BlackBerry Babylon :razz:

guinda35 02-08-2012 11:37 AM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?

Originally Posted by smoothadmin (Post 1766002)
Looks cool but if RIM plans to release it they better do it before December of this year before the world falls into total darkness from the suns north and south poles flipping and emitting a burst of radiation at us. :)

What? No physical keyboard? The sky is falling!

knottyrope 02-13-2012 11:10 AM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?

Originally Posted by tsac (Post 1765923)
If this is just another Android phone then the security and other features that make a blackberry a blackberry will disappear

it is a QNX phone that will run andriod apps in a sandbox per se to make sure security is in place.

ZombieBerry 02-13-2012 07:33 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
More stuff from

"POW! Following up the first-look image of a BlackBerry 10 phone we posted two weeks ago, today the good ol' CrackBerry tip line received a pretty *interesting* email, to which was attached a 14-page .pdf file full of Cracktastic goodness. The document was clearly prepared by one of RIM's external ad agency partners as a BB10 briefing document, providing background information on BlackBerry 10 and outlining some of the OS features and ideas for how to position BlackBerry 10 in future advertising campaigns. BlackBerry 10 Phones may be months away still, but judging by the document it appears the behind-the-scenes work to begin marketing the next-generation of BlackBerry phones is already well under way.

Of course, the best part of the document wasn't what was written, but rather what was shown -- including some juicy OS imagery pointing to some of the things we can potentially expect to see in BlackBerry 10.

I pulled the images in this post from that document, and while the the hardware pictured throughout the .pdf was of BlackBerry 7 phones (Torch 9860s and 9810s), the OS imagery on the displays of those phones was made out to be of BlackBerry 10. There are some exciting takeaways here. Back in November when we saw the first photo of a BBX phone dummy model, the homescreen user interface on that device looked much more like a scaled-down version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. We've known that BlackBerry 10 will build on the PlayBook OS and feature some UI changes to better suit the phone experience, and these screen caps illustrate some of these changes.

One rumor I've actually been hearing of for a while now but had yet to see evidence of was that with BlackBerry 10 Research In Motion will finally introduce their own version of "widgets" to the homescreen experience. The image above seems to confirm that notion, drawing inspiration from Android's widgets and Windows Phone's Live Tiles to bring useful mini-app experiences to the homescreen.

On the image below you can see also see the updated icon tray, which features new artwork and icons that are much smarter than those of BlackBerry 7. Note that the Folder icon shows the icons of applications inside, and the Pictures icon shows a photo from the album within. The clock icon even shows the time of the next set alarm. Heck, Cut the Rope, which was recently released for the BlackBerry PlayBook, also made the icon tray (the date of this document is very new, by the way).

The next image shows off the Universal Inbox, which we've already seen in action on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. Perhaps the biggest thing to point out here are the names of the people within the email app. For example, a quick Google search for Erica Josefsson will bring you to her Linked in Profile which shows she's part of RIM's User Experience Team based out of Malmo, Sweden. Cleary the design work of The Astonishing Tribe is at work here.

The final image shows off a super sexy caller display screen. And note the icon for video chat? Safe to say the front facing camera on BlackBerry 10 phones will be put to use easily.

Put these few images together and things are looking really promising for BlackBerry 10. That of course assumes all of these features pan out to be part of BlackBerry 10 on phones. Looking at the document, I have no doubt that the OS images came from Research In Motion, but looking at the fact it is "partner" material it's always possible that what RIM provides could be different than what RIM will ultimately launch with.

That said, I like what I see, so definitely hope this is a good hint of what we'll see when BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market later this year."


nobody7290 02-14-2012 07:03 AM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Those icons look nice, but, on a standard BB with keyboard with OS5/6 you also have the place for 16 icons on the main screen, and, 6 on the reduced screen.

rambo47 02-14-2012 10:17 AM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Looks eerily like WP7 tiles to me.

ZombieBerry 02-14-2012 10:23 AM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Looks like a clone of almost any idevice or an Android. Hope it wows me!

Dubdub 02-14-2012 12:06 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
From GigaOm

BlackBerry 10: Pretty looks, but is that enough? — Mobile Technology News

Colonel Panic 02-14-2012 04:25 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?

Originally Posted by ZombieBerry (Post 1767389)
Looks like a clone of almost any idevice or an Android.

Seriously. How Apple can't just sue everyone into oblivion about this stuff is beyond me.

ZombieBerry 02-14-2012 04:32 PM

Re: Leaked Pic of BB10?
Probably cause it also looks like a bad photoshop project. I believe that apple is in the midst of suing some people, and of being sued as well.

Feel free to Google 'Who is Suing Who in the Mobile industry'

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