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s4bb 04-07-2008 03:37 AM

Press Release: Wallpaper Megaplex 2.0 - 6.5 Mio. Wallpapers More!
S4BB Limited is proud to announce the final release of Wallpaper Megaplex 2.0 for BlackBerry® Wireless Handheld featuring over 6.5 million new wallpapers optimized for every available BlackBerry® device.

A license of Wallpaper Megaplex can be purchased at all major sales channels: MobileSoftMarket, Handango, MobiHand, BlackBerryCool Store, CrackBerry Store, BerryReview Store, Pinstack Store.

More information on Wallpaper Megaplex:

Your mobile software experts at S4BB Limited.

JerryD 06-25-2008 04:51 AM

Has anyone that took advantage of this free download noticed a new item in EVERY MENU on their BlackBerry?

I double checked it. The first time I installed the software, the menu item Download Software (or maybe Download Apps) was added to nearly every menu on my BlackBerry - well every native application's menu.

I deleted Wallpaper Megaplex (but not BerryQuery2 which is packaged with WM), rebooted and reinstalled, and now every native app has Productivity Apps added to its menu - including the home screen menu!

I won't question the ethics of this - that's for you to decide, but you should be aware of how invasive the program which appears to be nothing more than a link to two web pages really is.

funkym 06-26-2008 10:40 PM

@Jerry: This item seems to come from the free BerryQuery app. I removed that app from my BlackBerry, and now the item does not appear anymore. :)

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